Pallet fishing off Marathon

June 27, 2017 by Carl Bish

Trip Info

The Catch
Dolphin (Mahi Mahi)
Triggerfish (Gray)

Headed off shore with a Mom, young adult daughter and teenage son.  We headed south past Sombrero light destined for the gulf stream and looking for birds and weeds.  Found a weed line just past the reef and put out a couple of Billy Baits.  Hooked up with a Bonito on black and red.  Boxed him for bait and moved on.  13 miles later we found a flock of birds diving on a school of dolphin.  Changed from green to black and purple and doubled up on Mahi.  We followed the the birds and came upon a pallet.  Wanting to catch a diversity of fish we changed up tackle and pitched to Triple Tail that had set up residence under the wood.  After several deft casts as we drifted by Adele hooked up with the biggest one, a nice keeper fell to the temptation of the DOA Shrimp.  While we were drifting the Mahi were cruising around the boat.  We kept pitching to them, but the Trigger fish and Banded Rudder fish were chowing down our bait.  We dropped hook size and added several for the dinner plate.  Difficult to fillet, the taste and texture is worth the trouble.  We boxed a few more Mahi on the black and purple and blue and purple.  Fast speeds seemed to work best for us today at speeds around 9 mph.  We were successful in pitching bait to the Dolphin when fighting other Dolphin, otherwise the Triggers and Banded Rudders gave us fits.  Back to the dock by early afternoon in time to shower and make happy hour!!

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