Fishing report 5-10-15

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One of the most common questions from readers lately has been about the wind. Most are asking if this is normal to have such an extended period of high winds and if this is a sign of a windy summer.

Fishing has been slowed considerably by all of the recent wind. Velocities in excess of 20 knots are just too much to deal with for most anglers and that is especially true of speeds close to 30. One negative outcrop of this has been the extraordinarily high tide levels. 

In response to the questions, it is not at all unusual for our area to experience a lot of high winds during May, especially the early part. May, after all, is the third-windiest month of the year preceded by April, the windiest, and then March.

Sustained high winds this time of year do not indicate that we are going to have higher than average wind velocities during the summer. If tradition holds, more stable weather along with lighter winds should set in close to Memorial Day Weekend. Let’s hope for that pattern to repeat itself this year.

Now, on the fishing scene, fish are being caught, just in selected areas. During times of above-average tide levels, red fish will be found of feeding around newly-covered terrain by the rising waters. Anglers fishing the marshes of Bolivar along Big Pasture Bayou have been finding good action on reds, with most being taken by kayakers and waders.

The weather reports seem fairly consistent that we are in for unsettled weather this week. Keep an eye on the weather if you are planning a fishing trip, and if not, keep your tackle ready because at the first sign of stable weather setting in, action is going to bust wide open. Those conditions could be appearing as early as late this week.

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