Fishing in Mauritius

Local Blue Marlin record: 1430 lbs. Local Mako Shark record: 1115 lbs. Local Tiger Shark record: 1218 lbs. Need we say more? Mauritius is home to some of the toughest big game fishing the ocean arena provides. If you're after a true fishing challenge, you need to look no further than this harmonious African island.

Known For

Dodo bird, the Botanical Garden, Black River Gorges National park, Heavy duty Marlin trolling, Port Louis Bazaar, Chamarel park - 7 colored earth, Trou aux Cerfs, Massive Yellowfin tuna, Coral reefs, Grand Bale, Diverse shark fishing opportunities, Ile aux Cerfs


Rules & Regulations

No person shall export from Mauritius any fish or fish product except with the approval of the Minister. No person shall have in his possession any speargun or part thereof except with the approval of the Permanent Secretary; No person shall fish for an undersized fish, any crab or lobster in the berried state, a turtle, turtle egg or a marine mammal.


Types of Fishing

Record-breaking Marlin opportunities, Abundant Yellowfin seasons, Mako, Tiger and Hammerhead shark fishing, Plentiful Dorado and Wahoo hotspots, Sailfish, Spearfish and GTs to choose from, Year-round deep sea fishing potential.


Mauritius Fishing Calendar