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A St. Catharines fishing experience offers it all – short inshore trips for beginners at Lake Ontario, longer offshore trips for anglers looking to catch a trophy Salmon, and extreme ice fishing trips at the Niagara River. All of that is packed into a charming city with a vibrant nightlife and exciting local festivals. The Garden City is here to fulfill your fishing dreams!

When should I go fishing?

Visiting St. Catharines from April till the end of October will give you the chance to target different types of Salmon and Trout on Lake Ontario. You can target all the local species in the shallow water most of the season, but they move offshore during the hottest weeks of summer. When it comes to technique, trolling is the foolproof way to catch them all. Whether you’re using downriggers or flat-lining, trolling is a surefire way to put some fish on your plate.
When winter comes, just follow the fish! They make their way to the lower section of the Niagara River, which rarely freezes over. Naturally, this is where most local fish migrate. Besides Salmon and Trout, you can also catch Smallmouth and Largemouth Bass and Walleye. The fish don’t bite as hard when the water gets cold, so wait a few moments when you feel the bite, then set the hook. These trips are suited for the toughest anglers, as you’ll be casting your line in below-zero temperatures. The good news is, you’ll feel on fire when the fish start biting!
Note that winter trips are weather dependant – you can go by boat if the water doesn’t freeze or go on a traditional ice-fishing trip in case the temperature goes way down. In that case, take a comfy chair, drill a hole in the ice, and wait for fish to bite!

Need to Know

There are four occasions when Canadian residents can fish without a fishing licence – Family Fishing Weekend in February, Mother’s Day Weekend in May, and Father’s Day Weekend and Family Fishing Week in June.

How to Prepare

  • Bring a fishing licence – Each angler must have an Outdoor licence and a valid fishing licence. There are two types of fishing licences: a sport licence (for normal catch limits) and a conservation licence (for reduced catch limits). You can purchase them online, at one of the ServiceOntario offices, or at authorized licence issuers.
  • Dress properly for ice fishing – Wear layered clothing. Avoid cotton because it absorbs moisture, which leads to body cooling. Make sure to bring your hat, as well as hand and toe warmers. Bring lots of water, since the cold temperature increases dehydration.
Spend a day in St. Catharines fishing on legendary Lake Ontario...and beyond. The area has a unique microclimate thanks to the proximity of Lake Erie and the Niagara Escarpment. With that in mind, it’s no wonder that St. Catharines is also known as “The Garden City” – full of lovely parks, trails, gardens, and wineries. This is also what makes the south shore of Lake Ontario great for fishing.
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The main action happens at the Niagara River, where you can target Steelhead and Walleye. Make sure to dress warm and layered clothes.
It’s still low season and you have the best chances of landing a catch in the lower section of the Niagara River. The fish don’t bite as hard when it’s this cold, so wait a few moments before you start reeling.
Ice fishing in St. Catharines is slowly coming to an end. While Salmon still lay low, Trout begin to appear in higher numbers.

St. Catharines charter boats are back on Lake Ontario and ready to make the most of the spring season. Salmon slowly start their migration from the rivers.


Coho and Chinook rule the waters and Lake, Brown, and Rainbow Trout are right behind them. They’ll stick to the shallow waters, so your lines will be wet in no time.


This month includes two occasions for which you won’t need a fishing licence – Father’s Day Weekend and Family Fishing Week.


The peak season is on and there are three things you need to do: troll, troll, troll! Whether you’re using spoons, plugs, or flat-lining – everything’s biting!


As summer gets hotter, the fish move to deeper waters, so you’ll probably go offshore. Salmon love cold water and they’ll dive deep to reach their ideal temperature.


Try catching Rainbow Trout – their aerial acrobatics make for a great show once you hook them. Salmon fishing is good as always.


Salmon migrate and move to the rivers. If you’re out to get them, move inshore, closer to the mouth of the river. The season is coming to a close and charter boats are being hauled out of the water.


The local fishing action moves to the Niagara River at this time of year. You can target Smallmouth and Largemouth Bass and there’s lots of other tasty Panfish as well.


Winter fishing trips are only for the most persistent anglers. Warm up, gear up, and go fishing. Chances are the lower part of the river isn’t frozen, so head there and try your luck.

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Tracked down a few trophies!
Devin H. fished with Niagara Fishmaster Ultimate on July 10, 2019
Bite was a bit tough, heard that May and June fish are more abundant.
May fishing trip
Kelly M. fished with Niagara Fishmaster Ultimate on May 18, 2019
Great trip . Try it u will be eating fish for a yr . All around fun. Crew great.
Walleye and Salmon with FishMaster
Nicolas D. fished with Niagara Fishmaster Ultimate on October 2, 2018
Tail end of the season is "supposedly" slow but was not in my case. Walleye and Salmon still biting a plenty and NOBODY on the water!

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