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Fishing in Puerto Plata

Not too many places along the Caribbean can boast about 25,000 Billfish hookups per year without being laughed out of the room–but when it comes to its fishing potential, Puerto Plata is always dead serious. Puerto Plata fishing is well known among anglers for its many Striped Marlin bites occurring virtually right outside the marina. That’s not even mentioning the submerged banks off the city’s eastern coast, open for Blue Marlin and Sailfish enthusiasts all year round.

Known For

Totaling over 100,000 hotel beds, Puerto Plata is a popular tourist destination. This is in no small part due to sights like the Cristo Redentor monument and Fort San Felipe. It’s also known as The Bride of the Atlantic among locals, owing to the beautiful sights present all over the city. The climate here is tropical and pretty hot all year long. Fortunately, so is the fishing.

Nearshore Fishing

Welcome to the place where you can catch Billfish without losing sight of the coastline! Unfortunately, you can’t do it any time of the year, but you’re in for quite a treat if you come fishing in the spring months. This is when you can easily find White Marlin in the dozens, just a few miles away from the dock.

While trolling is definitely the norm for Billfish, it’s far from the only way to catch them. There’s a couple of enterprising charter captains that specialize in fly fishing tours aimed at Sailfish or Marlin. A must-see for any fly fishing enthusiast!

Other light tackle anglers will be happy to find resident Mahi Mahi and Tuna schools cruising along the drop off, with whales, dolphins, and giant ray sightings in the wild often making a family fishing trip more exciting than a visit to any aquarium.

Offshore Fishing

It’s all well and good nearshore, but proper deep sea fishing is what brings anglers all over the world to Puerto Plata in particular. The trick for catching the biggest Blue Marlin possible is to fish around the FADs. These Fish Aggregating Devices are found in the waters to the north-east of the island proper. 

Marlin definitely counts as the main attraction, but there’s other fish in the sea, too. You will also be fishing for the likes of Sailfish, Swordfish, Wahoo, Tuna, and many more. If you’re a Tuna enthusiast, you should try your hand at kite fishing if you haven’t done so already. If you have, you won’t need us to remind you how fun it can be!

Feel free to show up and fish whenever you like, without  worrying about set fishing seasons. Unless you’re aiming to go after a particular species, there’ll always be plenty for you to fish for until you drop. Local anglers prefer to use lures rather than bait, so you’ll have access to a whole bunch of different trolling lures and teasers.

Need to Know


You won’t need a fishing license during your stay in Puerto Plata, regardless of whether you might be fishing solo or with a charter. The Dominican Republic is known to be a hassle-free experience fishing-wise. Please bear in mind that all Billfish must be released. You will get to keep other species though (bag limits apply).


Good game fishing doesn’t have to come at a premium in Puerto Plata. A 4-hour trip can be had for less than $400, and will involve fishing for Mahi Mahi, Tuna, Barracuda, and various other species. For longer trips, the average price per hour is still around $100. Trips that take you especially far out in the deep blue will be extra to offset the fuel price. Apart from that, the price will include everything you need for a good time on the water.

Getting There

Getting to Puerto Plata shouldn’t be an issue as the Gregorio Luperón International Airport is located some 15 minutes east of Puerto Plata proper. Be advised that you’ll need to pay a $10 for a tourist card when entering the country. There’s also a $20 departure tax on your way out.

Puerto Plata has something for everyone, not just anglers. When you’ve had your fair share of fishing in these bountiful waters (which isn’t easy), you are free to just relax and enjoy your vacation. Sandy beaches, beautiful blue waters, and some world-class fish to boot–you’ll feel like you’re in angling paradise.

Puerto Plata
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Puerto Plata Fishing Seasons


The new year in Puerto Plata starts with a bang as far as fishing is concerned. Swordfishing is absolutely on fire, and will be for the next couple of months.


The Dominican Republic celebrates its Independence Day on February 27. After you’re done fishing be sure to join in on the fun, especially for the Carnival.


March is when White Marlin fishing really goes into overdrive. When you can find them all over the shoreline, you get a lot done even on a short trip.


The White Marlin craze continues, with double digit releases being the norm. Going further off in search of Blackfins is also a valid option for the ambitious angler.


Things tend to calm down a bit this time of year as people are waiting for the Marlin season to hit. Going after bottom feeders at the reefs is a good idea.


Prepare to see a lot of anglers heading off to the FADs for the next couple of months. Blue Marlin are about to come in force, ready to give you a challenge.


Welcome to some of the best Marlin fishing on the entire planet! And it’s not just Marlin, there’s also plenty of Snapper to go around if you’re up for some bottom fishing.


Most anglers will be spending August going after Blue Marlin, so be sure to join them if you have the chance. The Barracuda and Kingfish bite is also strong.


Get ready for really hot days on the water during the month. The abundance of fish will more than make up for it. Put some sunscreen on and sail off!


Everything must come to an end sooner or later, and that unfortunately includes the Blue Marlin Season. On the bright side, the Sailfish bite is picking up.


This time of year is a good time to do some fly fishing for Bonefish. Alternatively, head offshore for some awesome Wahoo, Sailfish, and Mahi Mahi action.


December is probably the best time to go Sailfishing in Puerto Plata. You’ll be hard pressed to find a better way to end the year as an angler.

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Reviews of Fishing in Puerto Plata

Very impressed
Christian H. fished with High Z’s Fishing Tour on June 16, 2019
The wind and waves are bigger in the afternoon, so I would book a morning trip.
Fishing with Nelson
Kendrick J. fished with High Z’s Fishing Tour on February 16, 2019
Me and my friends had a great time. We didnt catch anything and the Captain gave us 2 extra hours for free trying to find the fish. I am coming back and try it again in May. I would highly recommend Zs.
Great Fishing Trip With High Z's
Alan C. fished with High Z’s Fishing Tour on January 5, 2019
Don't think about it. Book it! You'll have a great experience! Also take motion sickness medicine, just in case.
December fishing trip
FishingBooker Member fished with High Z’s Fishing Tour on December 30, 2018
Make sure you get sleep and are ready for the extreme fight of a deep sea fish ??
Great day
FishingBooker Member fished with High Z’s Fishing Tour on July 22, 2018
Go fishing it's always a good experience to be with family and/ or friends. Make in memory is what lives all about.
Nearly epic fishing
William W. fished with High Z’s Fishing Tour on July 10, 2018
Verify weather patterns!! Understand tides and moon phases on fishing.
6 hour Mahi trip
FishingBooker Member fished with High Z’s Fishing Tour on July 9, 2018
High Z's is a great deal and cooking the fish afterwards was rewarding.
High Z's Fishing Tour
Marcie V. fished with High Z’s Fishing Tour on July 3, 2018
Water is rough so be prepared if you have sea sickness Book your trip with Nelson at High Z's. He is a great captain!

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