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Top Fishing Charters in Mobile

Fishing in Mobile

Looking for an authentic, southern-style angling experience? Fishing in Mobile, Alabama offers up an irresistible combination: direct access to incredible brackish, fresh, and salt waters, and captains looking to pass on their local knowledge to angling enthusiasts visiting from near and far. There’s also plenty of tasty table fare to target, so you’ll be able to stock your cooler with delectable Speckled Trout, Flounder, Redfish, Grouper and Snapper species, and plenty more. 

What will my trip look like?

Mobile may look like an ordinary port city, but it holds the key to some extraordinary fishing opportunities! It provides access to Mobile Bay, the Mobile-Tensaw River Delta (known locally as simply the “Mobile Delta,”) and a variety of brackish rivers. What does this mean? Basically, there are plenty of diverse fisheries to explore, and they offer up the perfect chance for more experienced anglers to test their skills. 

How will I fish?

As the focus in Mobile is on local-style fishing, chances are your charter will have a strong preference for fishing with light tackle no matter which waters you cast your line in. This technique is preferred thanks to the extra skill it often requires. You’ll also have to fight the fish on the end of your line just that little bit harder if you want to reel it in!
Although the waters of Mobile are diverse, the species you’ll usually be targeting tend to stay the same. This gives you the freedom to choose your fishing grounds based on other factors, such as how much time you have to spare, and whether you want to go after pure table fare or trophy-sized fish. 

What will I fish for?

So what are local anglers targeting here? If you’re familiar with the inshore and nearshore fishing around Mobile, it should come as no surprise that Speckled Trout remain a firm favorite. If you’re fishing the Mobile Delta and local rivers, you’ll also find Flounder lurking in these brackish waters, as well as Redfish and Tripletail. 
These species are also abundant within Mobile Bay. If you’re willing to spend a little more time on the water, you’ll have the chance to plumb the depths of the bay’s reefs for bottom-dwelling Snapper and Grouper species.

When to go

Fishing in Mobile, Alabama is generally good year round, especially if you’re looking to hook Speckled Trout. If you’re looking to hook brag-worthy Red Snapper, make sure you check when open season is, as there are strict restrictions regarding this species.

Need to know

The majority of Mobile fishing charters really live up to that famed “southern hospitality,” and will make sure you’re decked out with rods, reels, light tackle, and a fishing license. All you need to bring along are weather-appropriate clothes and sunscreen, as well as snacks and drinks. 
If you’re looking for an authentic angling adventure that’ll have you fishing like a real southerner, Mobile is the perfect starting point. Come discover it for yourself!

Mobile Fishing Seasons

Thanks to Mobile’s year-round fishery, you can start your year off in the right way with some top angling action! Visit now to hook that local favorite, Speckled Trout.

Sheepshead show up inshore and around the reefs in abundance, and Speckled Trout fishing remains strong. If you’re a Flatfish fan, this is when Flounder start to show up in the Delta’s muddier waters.

Catch your fill of delicious Speckled Trout, and keep an eye out for trophy sizes – this is when they start to appear! Redfish are a popular catch, too, with Bulls regularly making an appearance in shallow, brackish waters.

If you want to stock your cooler with plenty of mouth-watering Flounder, this is the month to visit! The flats and shallows are abundant Flatfish, and trophy-sized Speckled Trout and “keeper” Redfish are also on offer.

 Inshore fishing for Flounder, Speckled Trout, and Redfish remains strong. Snapper and Grouper species start to show up around Mobile Bay’s reefs, and Sheepshead are abundant.

This month often signals the start of Red Snapper season, so make sure you check the regulations with your captain if you want to hook this Alabaman favorite! Other Snapper varieties can be found around the reefs.
Depending on local regulations, you may still be able to target Red Snapper around the reefs. Closed season? Don’t worry – there’s still plenty of other bottom-dwelling Snapper and Grouper varieties to target!

Trophy Speckled Trout are a popular catch in August. With Tripletail and Mackerel species on offer, this is the perfect time to visit if you’re looking to stack your cooler. Reef fishing remains strong.

The weather slowly starts to cool, and Speckled Trout retreat slightly. However, Redfish, Tripletail, and Mackerel species are particularly abundant, and Snapper and Grouper can still be located around the reefs.

As the waters cool off, Flounder and Redfish come closer to shore, making this the perfect time to hook these tasty fish! Sheepshead make a reappearance around the reefs and close to shore, too.

November is one of the most productive months here, with Flounder, Redfish, and Speckled Trout all showing up in abundance. Around the reefs, Sheepshead fishing has never been better. 

End your year with a bang, and take advantage of Mobile’s incredible winter fishing! Speckled Trout, Redfish, Flounder, Sheepshead...cast your line and treat yourself to the best Christmas present possible. 

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Top Fishing Techniques in Mobile

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