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Georgia’s oldest and fourth largest city is a place brimming with historical landmarks of all kinds. From the Georgia Historical Society to the Telfair Academy of Arts and Sciences, you’re sure to find something that piques your curiosity. Savannah fishing charters also have a reputation to uphold and can take you anywhere from the backcountry to the Gulf Stream. Some charters here have a professional history of more than half a decade. To this day, they maintain only the highest standards of service.

Savannah Fishing Spots

Any time is a good time for fishing in Savannah. Really. Winter makes for great fishing near the river mouths and on Green Island, while summer is the optimal time to go offshore. The local reefs and wrecks are fishing hotspots during the entire year.

Lower Ogeechee River

Savannah itself is right next to South Carolina, and it’s the Ogeechee River that separates the two. The river becomes a Trout hotspot in the fall-winter season when catching more than a hundred in a single day is definitely doable. It’s also safe to assume you’ll be able to nab some Reds at any time of the year in these waters. Variety trips, such as nighttime Shark fishing, are also a great way to enjoy yourself on the water.

Green Island

Green Island has prominent marshland, making it the best place to find Redfish in the Savannah area. It’s especially a good place to visit later in the year when the water temperatures drop. The fish will flock to the backcountry and you’ll have a field day out there.

Wilmington Island

Wilmington Island is a coastal suburb that’s close to the immediate southeast of Savannah proper. It’s popular both as a shore-fishing destination and departure point for a number of fishing charters that head offshore to the Gulf Stream. Surf anglers can fish the creek bends for Trout, Redfish, and Flounder.

Offshore Waters

As with most other parts of coastal Georgia, the best time to go offshore fishing is early summer. The season starts around mid-April, with Cobia, Kingfish and other species starting their northern migration.

To hook fish like Wahoo, Tuna, and Billfish, you’ll need to reach the Gulf Stream’s western edges, which can mean an 80-mile trek. This involves a 12-hour trip at the very least. On most trips, you will leave before dawn and be back for lunch.

You can have great fun fishing over the R7 and R8 Navy Towers for species like Amberjack, Cobia, and Barracuda. The towers are some 50 miles away, so you have time to do some trolling on the way out to the fishing grounds.

For shorter trips, it’s best to stick to Georgia’s abundant artificial reefs in coastal waters. These are located about 5-15 miles away from shore. Species like Black Seabass, Bull Redfish, Flounder, and Sheepshead can be found there. Look for floating debris to increase your chances of finding a keeper. Kingfish, Barracuda, Grouper, Amberjack, Little Tunny and many more species will also make an appearance depending on the time of year.

Fishing Techniques

Inshore fishing involves going into rivers and estuaries with plenty of shallow flats and marshland. It’s a matter of preference whether you choose to stick with regular light tackle or maybe do some fly fishing. Come winter, the waters become very clear, making for great sight fishing.

When visiting the closer wrecks to bottom fish for Sheepshead or other smaller fish, you can still make do with light tackle. But if you go farther out in search of Cobia or Amberjack, make sure to have heavier tackle too (in the 60-80 lb test range). A good thing to know about catching Bull Redfish near wrecks is that they are suckers for deep jigging. Diamond jigs are almost sure to get the job done.

It’s really easy to experiment with all sorts of fishing techniques once you’re in Savannah. Other things you can do include trolling nearshore for Kingfish, sight fishing for Cobia, and going after Little Tunny on light tackle. Any of these can be great on their own, but mix them up and you’re in for an unforgettable experience.

Need to Know

Any anglers over the age of 16 need to have a valid South Carolina recreational fishing license. This is the case no matter if you’re fishing from the beach, pier, or a boat. Licensed Savannah fishing charters cover this for their guests at no additional cost.

Savannah is one of those places where you come for something and end up staying for a different reason altogether. Fishing might be the thing that drew you in, but there’s plenty of other things to keep you hooked.

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Hardly a better time to go fishing inshore than winter! Be it poling the flats for Reds or checking out the wrecks for Sheepshead, anything goes.


Hundreds of Redfish will be nested in the flats, waiting for you to hook ‘em up. You can find Black Seabass and Flounder on the wrecks as well.


The waters are still cool, but getting warmer by the week. There’s still a lot of Redfish to be found in the backcountry, with other species also headed inshore.


Spanish Mackerel, Cobia, and bigger Sharks will be making an appearance around this time, and it’s a great time to be fishing near Wilmington Island.


May in Savannah is Cobia month! Cobia love being near anything that floats above the surface. Use bait like Minnows or Shrimp for the best results.


By this time, most species that you can catch offshore have arrived in this part of the Gulf Stream. Deep sea fishing is on fire, both when trolling and when bottom fishing.


Late summer is when you can see a decent number of Tarpon coming in. If you’ve yet to tackle the Silver King yourself, now’s the chance to do it!


At this time of year, some fly fishermen like to go out a bit further out, near Little Tybee Island, and try their luck at Tarpon there. Worth checking out if you’re into casting flies.


Inshore anglers are sure to be reaping rich harvests of Trout, Reds and Flounder, anywhere from creeks, rivers, inlets, sounds and bays.


Spotted Seatrout and Redfish can be found schooling this time of the year, but it’s not a guarantee. If you do get lucky, enjoy the bite!


If you don’t mind a travelling a longer distance, you’re in for a treat as the blue waters of the Gulf hold big game fish this time of year.


Winter fishing in Savannah can involve a variety of places, with Trout in deep holes, Redfish on the flats and Sheepshead around any kind of structure.

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3/4 day with Captin Andy
Guy B. fished with Captain Andy's Fishing Charters on December 30, 2019
Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent
Go out during the time of year that the fish you want to catch are biting.
3/4 day trip with captain sean
Chris J. fished with Tightlines Saltwater Fishing Charters on June 29, 2019
Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent
Sunscreen. And to not try and specifically target a single species. To many options and variables just go and have fun. A bad day on the water is still a great day
Full Day with Captain Sean
Sam S. fished with Tightlines Saltwater Fishing – Offshore on June 11, 2019
Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent
Sunscreen, water, lunch, and some dramamine if sea sickness is a concern
Fishing with Matt
Kevin T. fished with Captain Matt Starling on March 7, 2019
Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent
Go later in March we were here early probly a week to early but definitely go fishing down here
3/4 Day
April T. fished with Tightlines Saltwater Fishing Charters on November 23, 2018
Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent
Pack a coat that is weather resilient with a hood!
6 hour / 3/4 day trip with Captain Yeckley
Tim B. fished with Tightlines Saltwater Fishing Charters on October 31, 2018
Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent
Bring a hat, sunscreen, and a jacket. Most definitely be prepared to document your experience with either a camera or phone. The captain was very knowledgeable about historical places and landmarks, as well as about the wildlife. We saw many migratory birds. In my opinion, this added tremendously to the experience. Most of all, be open minded, and willing to experience it all. Just because you dont catch fish, doesnt mean you wont have a good time.
October fishing trip
Kim P. fished with Coastal Ga Fishing - Savannah on October 13, 2018
Very Good Very Good Very Good Very Good Very Good
Try planning your trip base on rides and the moon
Fishing with Matt
Patricia P. fished with Captain Matt Starling on October 6, 2018
Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent
The experience was fantastic. 1st the live bait had to be caught. Then captain Matt knew where to go to catch fish. We were reeling in as fast as the bait hit the water. Great fishing day.

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