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Europe’s south-western tip is home to some of the best angling out there. Hit the Atlantic Ocean’s rich waters, and get your fish on in style aboard an Algarve fishing charter. With boiling summers and mild weather even in winter, there’s never a bad time to come and discover some of the continent’s best fishing. 
If you’re looking for a big game fishing adventure, then the Algarve is one of the best spots on mainland Europe. Just a few miles out from shore, you can come into contact with beauties such as White Marlin, Yellowfin Tuna, and Mahi Mahi. Head up to 40 miles out, and you’ll come into contact with Blue Marlin, Bigeye Tuna, and Bluefin Tuna, along with Swordfish. It’ll leave you lost for words.
There’s plenty on offer for beginners, too, with the nearshore reefs offering up plenty in the way of light tackle fishing. Hop aboard a shorter trip and try to fill the boat with Seabass, Dentex, Groupers, Mackerel, and Seabream, before heading back to shore for a delicious dinner. 
No matter where you are on the Algarve, you’re not far from the productive fishing grounds. From Tavira to Albufeira, and all the way round to Aljezar on the west coast, you’ll have the chance to go offshore. Spend anywhere from 4–12  hours aboard, and get your fish on like never before!

Rules & Regulations

Another piece of good news is that, as per Algarve fishing regulations, you won’t need to buy your own fishing license. Every charter operator will cover your license, too. Your professional guide will also keep you on top of bag limits, and let you know if any fish, such as Billfish for example, are catch and release only.
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What better way to forget about the winter blues than with a holiday? Come to the Algarve where the weather is ideal for exploring, as you get your fish on and work up a sweat to land a warming meal.
The big game creatures may not be biting just yet but there’s plenty of action nearshore. Go after delicious Seabass, Seabream, Groupers, Dentex, and many other reef-dwelling beauties to fill the boat.
You may be tempted offshore by the rumors of the arrival of Blue Sharks and Swordfish, but your best bet of landing that dream fish is with a nearshore trip to the reefs for the usual suspects.
There’s not long to go until the peak fishing season kicks off, so you just about have enough time to practice your skills before the serious fishing starts. Hit the reefs to bottom fish and flex your muscles.
Bluefin and Bigeye Tuna start making their way past the Algarve coastline in May, giving you a sign of what’s to come during summer. Head out on a big game adventure and put your strength to the test.
While you may feel the heat of the sun blasting down on the Algarve, there’s nothing quite as hot as the fishing. Sharks and Swordfish rub shoulders with the Tuna to keep you on your feet all day long. 
Tourists from all over Europe flock to the hillsides and beaches of the Algarve, and for good reason too. Take advantage of the weather and head to sea on a serious offshore sportfishing adventure.
Bring the whole family along now that school’s over, and head to the deep waters of the Atlantic in search of the catch of a lifetime. Blue and White Marlin join the offshore party, calling all anglers to sea. 
As the crowds start dying down, the fish are at their peak. Come to the Algarve in September and have the waters to yourself, as you go after Marlin, Tuna, Mahi Mahi, Swordfish, Sharks, and even more. 
Make the most of your last chance to land a tasty Tuna or monster Marlin as the water starts cooling down with the end of summer. Don’t worry, though, as the nearshore fish are still eagerly biting away.
Shift your attention to the reefs as the offshore season comes to an end. Beginners and pros alike can get their fill of delicious Bream, Bass, Dentex, Grouper, and many more, to make the perfect dinner.
End the year in style with a holiday on the stunning coastline of southern Portugal. Come to the Algarve and forget all your cares, and even indulge in some exciting nearshore fishing for some tasty fish.

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Alvor Fishing Donzela is a must
Alan C. fished with Alvor Fishing Donzela on August 7, 2018
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The 4 girls were 11, 12, 12 and 13. They had never been fishing before. They are normally afraid to touch anything different. By the end, all of them were baiting their own hooks, holding the fish to take them off the hooks, cleaning the fish for cooking, and cooking the fish. This was a fantastic thing for them, and the adults were totally relaxed as the crew looked after them perfectly.
Full day fishing trip at Santa Clara
Andreas T. fished with Bass Catch In Santa Clara on June 26, 2018
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Accurate casting is needed. If you bring own tackle, 20lbs line is needed due to a lot if sunken woods
Full day speed both with capitan Antonio and Mario
Jurijs L. fished with Ocean4You Offshore Fishing Charters on July 24, 2017
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Don't worry about anything just go!!! They have everything!!!
Half day bottom fishing with Miguel
Stewart C. fished with Alvor Fishing Donzela on July 20, 2017
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Bring wind resistant clothing as the temperature is nice but the winds are strong!
Fishing with
Jens G. fished with Ocean4You Offshore Fishing Charters on July 14, 2017
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GO with ocean4you. They are helpful to all their clients.