What would you recommend to anglers fishing in San Francisco, California for the first time?

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Jennifer Dombek
San Francisco, CA
Went fishing with Nautilus Excursions on July 11, 2019
Beautiful weather and great views. It is cold on the water, though, so dress warm, as in a warm layer, windbreaker, and hat. Wear rain boots, if you have them. Put sunscreen on your face. Bring any personal items in a waterproof bag. If you plan to take photos, put your camera or phone in a zip-lock bag or waterproof case, because your hands will be full of fish scales and fish guts. Bring extra bags to carry your fish off the boat. Stock your car with an ice chest, for the drive home. If the fishing trip is in the Bay only, and not out in the open ocean, then the waves aren't very bad, so you shouldn't get sea sick. Or if you do, you only need the "less drowsy" version of your motion sickness medication. Have fun!

Syed Masood
Palo Alto, CA
Went fishing with Argo Sportfishing on June 30, 2021
It's windy and cold out there in the pacific, so wear good windbreaker and warm clothes.

Ben Cowan
Evansville, WI
Went fishing with Argo Sportfishing on March 31, 2019
Go out to the open ocean and make sure your trip is that, dont stay in bay its boring

Dan Beveridge
Went fishing with Warrior Poet Sportfishing on March 30, 2019
Bring layers. California doesn't always mean sunny and warm. But bring sunscreen too.