What would you recommend to anglers fishing in Panama City for the first time?

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FishingBooker Member
Bluffdale, UT
Went fishing with Panama Fishing Trip on December 28, 2021
These 2 captains had good boats with shallow draft and enough horsepower to get you where you need to go. Fishing equipment was functional but if you desire top equipment you might want to bring your own. Fishing was phenomenal. They communicated with us, English was good, and the 2 of them worked together so the whole family was able to fish. Book them.

Michael Garrity
Corona, CA
Went fishing with Yates En Panamá – 34' on December 26, 2019
We really didn't "fish" so I have no comment on the quality of fishing. There was a large variety of fresh fish at the Mercado de Mariscos, so there is fish in the local waters. Panama is a great vacation spot and would recommend it.

Roberto Herrera
Panama City, Provincia De Panama
Went fishing with Quick Hook Charters on April 25, 2021
Make DARN SURE that the captain understands the type of fishing you are interested in engaging in so your expectations...at least of ATTEMPTING YOUR SELECTED TYPE OF FISHING...are fulfilled.

Luciano Alberto
Went fishing with Panama GEM Charters - 27’ Proline on June 21, 2019
Don't eat the salad in the restaurant if you get your catch cooked, the salad made me sick.