Reel Deal Charters - Split/Private Fishing Reports

Limits on Triggers and Beeliners, plus s

April 03, 2018

This crew had a great day on the water on a 6 hr. split trip. They caught their limits on BBs and Triggers, then had time so they did some trolling for Spanish. They're biting for sure! The weather… Read Full Report →

Amberjack still OPEN in FL State Waters!

April 08, 2017

Beautiful day for a 6 hour bottom trip after the storms. Amberjack, varieties of Snapper biting, as well as Spanish on a high speed trolling rig. This split trip had a ball. Read Full Report →

Spring fishing's great!

April 04, 2017

Sloppy seas didn't stop this excellent crew from bringing in a load of white snapper, vermillion snapper, a shark--and that's just what they got to keep! Great time had by all! Read Full Report →

Spanish are a-chewin'!

March 31, 2017

Slayed them today ! Fantastic morning aboard Deep Water and a great time had by all! Read Full Report →


March 28, 2017

The Smith family caught a variety of different species on this beautiful day on the Gulf of Mexico! Spanish are back! Spring has sprung! Read Full Report →

These boys had a blast!

March 25, 2017

What could be better than a fabulous morning on the Gulf of Mexico catching a basket of BBs, Lanes, and Spanish?? Read Full Report →

AJ's Oh My!

March 19, 2017

These guys sure know how to catch 'em up! Amberjacks are open in Florida State waters until June! Fun, fun day by all!! Read Full Report →

Fishing with Santa on his first day off!

December 25, 2016

Beautiful day on the Gulf ~ was a catch and release kinda day! He caught a few snappers, this nice AJ, and some smaller varieties of snapper that he could keep! Come fishing when you can keep 'em! Read Full Report →

ONE more day of State water RED SNAPPER!

November 25, 2016

We are catching and keeping Red Snapper for 1 more day(11-27-16). (and all sorts of other varieties, too. Some we can keep, some we can't! (: ) Photos are from our last few trips; weekdays, weekends, bottom, trolling, and… Read Full Report →

Y'all come back in the FALL!

August 06, 2016

A LOT of fish caught on this trip, but many were out of season, unfortunately. State waters reopen for Red Snapper in the Fall - Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays in September and October AND Labor Day so get your… Read Full Report →

Another great afternoon of fishing!

July 03, 2016

Great afternoon on the water with this Split trip crew catching their limit on Red Snapper and some Kings and Spanish on the way and way back. Read Full Report →

The fish don't care if it's raining!

June 30, 2016

This morning's bottom trip was a little soggy, but this crew brought in their limit of Red Snapper in spite of the rain. Way to catch 'em up! Read Full Report →

Is it shark week yet?

June 30, 2016

Tonight's shark Trip. Bonus tonight: A fireworks show from the Bay! We love happy, smiling customers. Read Full Report →

Fishin's Fine!

June 28, 2016

This morning's 6 hr brought in their limit of Red Snapper, a Mahi Mahi, Black Snapper, and a few vermilion. Beautiful day for fishin'! Read Full Report →

Most Excellent Fishing Today's 10 hr.

June 25, 2016

Fishin' is Fabulous! This crew brought in their limit on Red Snapper, a couple grouper, a cobia, and a pile of other varieties of snapper. Nice day on the water for this 10 hour charter on the Deep Water! Read Full Report →

Capt. Chaz got 'em again!

June 21, 2016

The fishing is fantastic and the weather is WARM, so be sure to bring a cold drink! 4 hr trolling trip in the AM- Kings and Bonita (plus some excitement with a dolphin!). 6 hr bottom trip afternoon crew… Read Full Report →

Fishing's great!

June 13, 2016

We have been fishing most days and catching plenty of red snapper, vermillion snapper, white snapper, king mackeral and a few other flavors as well! Come get on board the Deep water and have a great day on the… Read Full Report →