Lots of SUPER STRONG fish!

December 13, 2015 by Ben Geroy

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The Catch
Jack Crevalle
King Mackerel (Kingfish)
Speckled Trout

Over the past month or so, we have been enjoying quite a diversity of fishing opportunities. The weather for this time of year is abnormally warm, keeping the baitfish around for a little longer. Every morning as the sun rises, huge schools of baitfish come together just off the beaches, with many hungry birds and fish to follow! Two weeks ago we had a few days straight of over cast skies, wind, and rain. The dreary weather drove in kingfish and bonito from way offshore, all the way in to 10 feet of water or so! Even though the rain only lasted a few days, the fish are still around, and boy are they fun fish to catch on light tackle! Many of these fish will take runs of 150 yards or more when hooked! The bonito are 5-15 pounds and the kingfish are 10-30 pounds.

The backwater bite has been pretty active as well, with steady action on seatrout, jacks, snook, and a few redfish thrown in the mix. We had a cold front move through on the week of Thanksgiving, and ever since then, we’ve had a great trout bite! Many of the trips I’ve fished for them, and anglers are easily catching their limits of these tasty fish. There have also been quite a few nice sized jacks around, they are anywhere from 3-10 pounds, and are always keeping angler busy. While the snook continue to take live baits, it seems the redfish bite has slowed considerably. However, what redfish we do catch, are pretty nice ones!

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