Fishing while Shivering!

January 13, 2016 by Ryan Booth

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The Catch
Spotted Seatrout

Hey Anglers! This past week I fished Steve from Colorado that wanted to target the backcountry species (snook, redfish, trout, and tarpon) in Everglades National Park on fly tackle! These past few days we have been having very strange weather patterns everything from rain, wind and freezing cold for us Florida Natives! We still managed to get out on the water! The days before fishing with Steve I was out there fishing with other clients and fishing was getting good right before the cold front! While he was down we were in the middle of the cold front that oushed down our way making fishig difficult as it takes a few days for the fish to adjust! We started out each morning targeting snook in the back waters of the glades trying to find the snook laid up on mud flats trying to warm themselves up. We were not as successful as we both hoped for but did manange to catch a snook on fly towards lunchtime! The last day we changed gears and went toward the coast (gulf of Mexico) throwing baitfish fly patterns! During our 40 minute run to the coast we talked about the strategy for the day and the hope of getting into some of the bigger snook that lurk in the gulf water shorelines! At the dock the the fish smell and Mosquitos were out meaning that the day had potential whenevernyiu start out like that! Upon arriving to the fishing grounds we staked out and i rigged the fly line with the fly we would throw first! As we were sitting here the fish (snook) started showing up they were popping on the surface while they were chasing bait! We were all rigged and ready to go and we started our Morninf fishing the shoreline snd right off the back Steve had multpile hits on the fly from the snook but we didn’t get one hooked yet! We continued on fishing the shoreline till the end when we gather im uo everything and headed firth up the shoreline whenre we didn’t fish before! At this time the rain had started drizzling and the cold was not getting warmer and the water temps were super cold for tarpon but still great for snook and redfish. The next bite that Steve had he set the hook on a very nice trout that was 24 inches! We then continued our route and withing 30 minutes sign the bite Steves fly was swallowed by a big fish! The fish proceeded to stay low in water and head straight for the shoreline where the debris and tree trunks were to try and break us off!
I told Steve to keep the line tight not to let slack in it because thag could cause the fish to spit the hook and after giving him a run for his money the line broke leaving us with a frayed line from the snooks gills that are razor sharp! We didn’t get this big fish to the boat but I did see the shadow in the water and it was a big fish resembling a snook (which I could
Tell it was by the way it ran for cover to try and break us off) after giving that area a little longer the rain had started to get harder so we ran a little south to fish a little longer before heading him so he could get back to town to leave. We arrived at another location and there was bait everywhere! We saw a few redfish and snook that I reckon saw us first because they abruptly shot out of the tress to leave us. We tried the area he had a few hits but nothing to boat! We ended the day throwing live shrimp that broke off a few fish before heading back to marina! It was a slow day for us and many other Captans that I spoke to after the day! We tried everything we could and it want because we werent in the right area it’s mostly because sometimes these fish are slow to respond tomthe temperature Change!! I had a blast watching him theownthenfky and catch fish thag were hungry! Then next day I fished by myself to go and recruit the area to figure out why the fish were so sctive all week! It warned up the day after fishing with him and the bite turned on since the cold fronr passed through! The weather is starting to get better each day a little Warmer but with is still hanging around us making fishing tough! Get out on the water beause you can catch them from the couch! This coming week I have a few events that I am
guiding in and im praying for nice weather to get the fish in a frenzy! Everyone needs to get out on the water and go fish! We are hoping the weather get better! Give me a call to schedule tour charter

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