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Woohoo The Fish are Biting!

March 02, 2016 by Ryan Booth

Trip Info

The Catch

Last week I had the opportunity of taking Mr. And Mrs. Boyd out to everglades national park for a 4 hour fishing trip! We had originally scheduled for the week before Bt had to reschedule due to weather was to nasty and I wantes them to have the Full experience of what our waters have to offer! We arrived to the dock at 7 am! The parking lots were empty and the wind was nowhere in sight! Mosquitos were biting a little because we were next to the marsh and I knew that if we left and got on to one of my flats we would for sure catch some redfish! This time of the year is also when the Tarpon migration starts! Heading out to the fishing grounds I noticed a few tarpon rolling and to me thats a great sign for the foshing we had ahead of us! We were only here for a 4 hour trip and stayed a little longer because fishing was so good! Upon arriving to the flat I started getting the fly line ready for Lynn and the spinning tackle rest for Bob! As I was tying on fkys he mentioned that he might see fish moving right in front of the boat! I looked up and saw about 80-100 tailing redfish about 30 feet from boat! I said Woohoo! Let’s get catching! We proceeded to pole this entire flat catching fish after fish! Once we had caught 4 of them with a double header (two fish at once) the fish started moving more so we had to pole to them! We caught another 2 to compete our day! We could’ve caught a lot more! On days like this I’ve usually can boat 20-30 redfish in a 4-6 hour period! schedule a trip because fishing is hot! After they left I switched gears and went chasin tarpon on fly! I hooked 3 snook and 2 tarpon in the 150 pound class before 4 pm. And then called it a day to regroup for the next day! Fishing is on fire!

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