Triple tail are here!

May 16, 2020 by Armando Alejo

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Greetings from the South Florida Everglades. 

*We are practicing structured cleaning practices to ensure our boat and equipment are safe and clean*

There are many species to catch in the Glades but Triple tail, may be our favorite! As the water and afternoons heat up, our triple tail are showing in HUGE numbers, and earlier than anticipated… we are currently targeting large open bays and areas near the coast to find the larger fish.  My clients are currently throwing artificial and natural baits both, and we are noticing this year’s TT’s are taking to many different baits as opposed to just natural baits.  On a recent father and son trip we boated 10 or more TT’s, with two of them weighing 10 or more pounds. 
I’d be leaving a major part of my report out if I didn’t mention Redfish!  Our Redfish are out in LARGE schools, currently, we are finding those near oyster beds and mainly on the dropping tides!  Redfish too are taking to artificial baits primarily! 
** Capt Armando is a Florida native and has fished the South Fl Everglades over the past 20 years.  Capt runs his business with his clients best interests in mind, takes pride in customer service and thrives on teaching his clients what he has learned in his guiding career.  Book with him today and fish with the Everglades most “personable” guide. 

See y’all on the water! 

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