Big Eye!
October 24, 2020 Calheta 2 photos

Trip Summary

We left the marina at 1500hrs for a few hours of fishing before sundown. We set the spread targeting Wahoo but after a couple of hours Capt. Anders decided to switch the spread for tuna. We set the spread with all Iland lures, Black Holes and Sea Stars. After 20 minutes of trolling on 1800 meters depth, the release clip on starboard outriggers snapped and the reel was screaming. Tuna!! The fight started in day light and went on until sundown. After almost 2 hours in the chair, Capt. Anders landed this beautiful Big Eye Tuna well over 200 lb.
Gavito Fishing
Calheta, Madeira, Portugal
Gavito - Big Game Fishing thumbnail
Combine cruising along picture-perfect coastlines with battling big game fish, and you get Gavito - Big Game Fishing. With a skipper who has over 35 years’ experience at sea and a second fully licensed skipper on board at all times, they have the ex...

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