Key Largo Fishing Reports


August 06, 2016 by Ryan Booth

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The Catch
Black Drum

Today I was able to get out on the water and target a few species that I haven’t been fishing for because redfishing and snook fishing has been so hot lately! Started out the morning running from Everglades national park to the park boundaries line in islamorada to chase tailing bonefish! It’s a rare thing to have them in the park but I have been able to locate them and man were they feeding! I poled uo within distance and pitched a bait to one tailing bone and he ate hard! The line screaming across the flat as he was stripping line off the reel! Finally boated him and released to fight another day! After seeing and having a few shots at tailing bonefish I decided to go chase a species that I see a lot of but never really target them only and that is the black drum! I decided to dedicate the rest of my day to catching these guys! Catching a total of 10 black drum ranging from 20 inches to 28 inches. All I was doing was pitching the jig up to them and they were inhaling it and taking off! It was nice to catch a few and also 2 redfish at the same time! Nice producing flat! Had to reel in the line at 430 to get to islamorada for the 2016 Redghost (redfish and bonefish junior tournament captains meeting) the tournament is on Sunday August 7! Looking forward to sharing the pictures of our tournament day!

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