Hot Florida keys days!

August 20, 2016 by Ryan Booth

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The Catch
Jack Crevalle
Speckled Trout

Today I had the fishing company of Casey and his wife Marlena! Started early in the morning by picking them up at their house and heading out to Flamingo national park! It was a day that avid fisherman and captains dream of! Not a breath of air anywhere just slicked out water where you couldn’t tell where the sky started and the water ended! We were coming off a full moon wth the moon still in the sky at 7 am I had a feeling fishing would be tough but we still ended up doing great on trout! We started out the morning searching for redfish, snook, and tarpon! We arrived to the flat and these species were everywhere in large numbers! Now that we located them now it was time to try and get them to eat knowing that they probably ate all night long this was going to be tough! We ended up throwing at probably 6 redfish that turned us down every time! Hooked a snook! The tarpon were skittish and not having it this morning! On slick days it’s great fishing but it sometimes is thought because it’s so calm and the water is so clear these fish see and sense us before we see them! They tend to be a little more spooky! So I decided to scratch that flats fishing because it was getting hot in the water and when it get to hot around 12 the fish tend to be sluggish and aren’t as aggressive! So I told them both let’s go get some fish in the boat! About a 15-minute run and we got into some mudding in a bag that I’ve been fishing for trout the last few weeks and have been catching trout on the small size from 14-17 inches but today that was not the case! We caught over 15-20 speckled sea trout and they all were well over 19-22 inches and a few over 22. It’s always a great time when you can through a shrimp in the water and catch a trout every cast! It makes for a fun day! We left there to search for the black drum on the way home! But by then the water temp was 97 degrees and these fish tend to hide when the water gets that hot! We did see one poke his head out of the roots of the shoreline but he did not act on our bait! It was getting later in the afternoon! So we headed in around 330! I had to prep for another fishing excursion that night out on the reef for yellowtail! Let’s get out on the water!

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