Winter Sturgeon Fishing has its perks!
November 11, 2022 North Vancouver 4 photos

Trip Summary

The last couple of outings have been beautiful views and a couple of arm muscle busting fights. Winter sturgeon fishing can have cool crisp days but a heated cabin and some warm tea or coffee and telling great fishing stories help pass the time. The rod tip may only bend slightly as bites can be a lot lighter as the water temperature drops but the thrill of help catch and tag and measure these beautiful creatures helps us build our winter data base. Even though we are looking to tag as many juvenile fish as possible, you just can't stop these big fish from biting!
Peter Krahn
North-vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Fraser Legends Fishing thumbnail
North Vancouver’s Fraser Legends Fishing has its very own motto: "Create your own legend." What could be more legendary than catching your very own Sturgeon? Even better, you’ll be able to reach your own personal world record and hel...

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