Cape Coral Fishing Reports

BIG Red Grouper and more

October 02, 2016 by Daniel Medina

Trip Info

The Catch
Grouper (Red)

Headed offshore with repeat clients to bend some rods. We headed out to 100 ft of water where the first line down resulted in a keeper grouper. Second line down resulted in a nice lane snapper. The bite then completely shut off.  We had a few cutoffs which tells me there was a large shark most likely scaring the grouper and snapper from eating.
We moved to another spot a few miles away in 95 ft.  We scored a monster red grouper as well as a second beautiful red grouper.  We caught and released several short red grouper as well.  The seas were a bit like a washing machine, and the group wasn’t feeling so well (those who took their sea sick pills or patches were fine) so we started heading back in. 
On the way in, I came across a show on the screen that was too good to pass up.  We had a few quick drifts which resulted in another keeper red grouper as well as a handful of keeper lane snapper, key west grunts, and lots of throwback size red grouper.
The action here was fast and furious with all 6 fisherman getting hooked up at the same time on multiple occassions.
I was thoroughly impressed with our youngest passenger,  a 6 year old who held up better than everyone.  He didn’t get sick, and did a heck of a job reeling in his first fish as well as countless others.

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