Adam's "Sturgeon Arm Burner"
July 19, 2023 North Vancouver 2 photos

Trip Summary

Adam and Anita came out for a 6 hour trip this week and after 45 minutes of wondering if the fish would show up, they turned up in a big and fun way. After two good starter fish the #1 Rod geared up for Mr. Big started to bounce. Adam learned what "Arm Burn" feels like and he thought the fight time was much longer based on the soreness of his arms! However they landed and help me tag this 6.5 footer and then went on to more! Another Mr. Big grabbed the Mr. Little line ( we also fish some lines with small hooks to try and tag juvenile sturgeon) and by the way the rod bent down Adam knew he was into a big fish. However, size matters and the big guy straightened out the hook and did a "self release". This is all part of the day. All's well that ends well and in the last minute of the day a nice 4.5 footer reminded Adam that his arms were still sore and would be even more so! A good day was had by all. Tight lines everyone.
Peter Krahn
North-vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
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