Winter Chinook Fishing is in full swing!
January 07, 2024 Vancouver 4 photos

Trip Summary

Winter in Vancouver has been unseasonably warm so far, and the fishing for our scrappy, chrome-bright Winter chinook salmon has already been better than in most years! Good fishing and not having to shovel snow out of the boat has sure been a welcome change this winter! Our 2023 summer and fall salmon fishery was one for the record books, and luckily this abundance of fish seems to have carried over to this year’s winter fishery as well! Dropping traps for spot prawns and dungeness crabs is a fun, added bonus of the Winter Special charters only, and catches of both this year have also been strong! Uncrowded waters, and the spectacular scenery of the snow-capped west coast mountains surrounding Howe Sound make the winter fishing season one of our favorite times of the year to be out on the water. And so far this winter, the water and the fishing have been just fine!
Roy Tanami
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
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