April brings out the BIG BITE!
April 19, 2024 North Vancouver 3 photos

Trip Summary

Sturgeon start waking up from their winter slumber in mid March and by Mid April they really kick into high gear as the bait fish enter the Fraser River. Such was the scene on Friday, April 19th when Marvin and Christopher came up from Florida to test their endurance on some feisty fish. I hadn't even had time to complete giving them instructions on what to do when a fish bites when the first rod went down. From then on the bite was on and Marvin and Christopher had their hands full. A six footer that kicked way above his size class gave Marvin a real workout and he let it know his arm and shoulder muscles were burning. We had a great day and I eventually tagged 7 new fish and re-captured another 7 and checked their fitness and health status for our scientific program. Thanks Marvin and Chris for sharing the day and contributing as citizen scientists while getting an experience of a lifetime! Tight lines
Peter Krahn
North-vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
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North Vancouver’s Fraser Legends Fishing has its very own motto: "Create your own legend." What could be more legendary than catching your very own Sturgeon? Even better, you’ll be able to reach your own personal world record and hel...

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