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If you’re really bent on getting the most out of your angling experience, you’ve got to give fishing in Jacó a go. The locals claim that more record-breaking fish are caught and weighed here than in any other fishery in Central America. For sure, the unique blend of world class inshore and offshore hotspots this area has to offer is second to none. There are also a whole ream of IGFA records to back them up. And it’s hard to argue that not only is this some of the best Roosterfish action in the Central Pacific, it also offers drag-screaming action on Yellowfin Tuna, Wahoo, and - of course - Billfish of all shapes and sizes.

Feel like proving the locals right? There are plenty of Jacó fishing charters to choose from. And let us assure you - you won't want to miss out.

Known For

The popular resort town of Jacó makes it onto our list of top places to fish for one main reason: the Los Suenos Resort and Marina. The only full service marina in Costa Rica with five stars, this is home to the biggest fleet of sport fishing and charter boats in the country. Located in Playa Herradura (Herradura Beach) and just two and a half miles north of the center of Jacó, many a sportfishing saga has been told from this port. Now, you can have a taste of the action: most Jacó fishing tours leave from this very port.

The high season for fishing in these parts coincides with peak tourist season. Expect the best Los Suenos fishing charters to be booked well in advance for any trips running from December through April. This is when dry season and Billfish season coincide, and multiple hookups of Sailfish, Yellowfin Tuna, and Marlin are common. You can expect these trips to take you around 20 miles offshore, with some of the best fishing grounds being accessible within an hour from the port.

That’s not to say it isn’t worth fishing in Jacó in the rainy season. Sailfish fishing remains a possibility all year round, with Yellowfin Tuna and Dorado also proving worthy offshore fishing targets out of season. But once the rains start to fall, you’ll notice that it’s inshore that the magic happens. As the waters closer to the beaches cool down, Roosterfish, Cubera Snapper, and Snook start to get really exciting.

It’s not unusual to find yourself hooked up to a 50 lb plus Roosterfish in these shallow waters. Look for them around nearshore drop offs and around rocks - Herradura Island, Guapinol Reef, and Isla Tortuga are some of the highlights. If you’re lucky, you might even spot one chasing baitfish right off the local beaches!

Deep sea fishing addicts who want to get a little something extra out of their vacation in Jaco have ample opportunities to go the extra mile here. Because while the offshore fishing is something special anywhere from 12 - 25 miles out, the deep sea FADs that lie 120 miles offshore take big game fishing to the next level. Anyone who is serious about hooking a Billfish Grand Slam should consider making the trip. With Blue, Black, and Striped Marlin calling in at these offshore attractions on a regular basis, it will be well worth your while.

Rules & Regulations

Fishing licenses are an essential purchase for any Jaco fishing trip. You can usually purchase them at the dock, from your charter captain, or online from INCOPESCA.

It is essential to use circle hooks on any bait being used to target Billfish in Costa Rica.

Types of Fishing

Most people fishing in Los Suenos and Jacó will be in it for the big game action. This means trolling, with a selection of teasers and Ballyhoo hooked on circle hooks making up the typical spread. Outriggers give you that extra edge for trolling in the local waters. This is a must for Sailfish fishing, and Marlin, Wahoo, Tuna, Dorado, and Wahoo will also find it hard to resist.

Bottom fishing and jigging over the local reef systems can also be an enjoyable pastime for those who aren’t so turned on by trolling. You can find Jacks, Rainbow Runners, big Cubera Snapper, and much more. Anyone looking for a real workout should give this a go.

If your sights are set on a stunning photo-op, seek out Roosterfish inshore. Some of the best Roosterfish fishing experiences are from small boats or pangas, which have the dexterity to take you to the shallow waters where these comb-topped speedsters hunt their prey. Target them with jigs or poppers for the most exciting and hands-on experience. Otherwise, troll for them with their favorite snack as bait - Blue Runners will do the job nicely.

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Jacó Fishing Seasons


Jacó begins the new year in style. This is peak Billfish season, but that's not all you can catch from Los Suenos. Expect  Marlin, Sailfish, Wahoo, Dorado, and Yellowfin Tuna. Don’t miss the Los Suenos Triple Crown Tournament!


Costa Rica fishing centers around Los Suenos in February. This is the best month of the year to catch Sailfish, with up to 30 hookups in a day being a relatively common occurrence. Better get out on the water fast!


Sailfish, Dorado, Wahoo, and Yellowfin Tuna continue to make offshore fishing well worth your time. With hot dry weather and unforgettable fishing, Jacó and Los Suenos can make an ideal spot for Spring Break.


April is the last month of Costa Rica's dry season, and it is very hot. Make the most of the end of the peak season for the offshore pelagics and go out in search of Sailfish, Yellowfin Tuna, Wahoo, and Marlin.


May is the start of the rainy season. With rains come floods, which sweep floating debris out into the sea. This is perfect for Dorado fishing! Roosterfish, Snook, and Cubera Snapper love the rain – fish for them inshore.


Wet and rainy weather continues, with the very best fishing being inshore for Roosterfish and more. Look for them feeding on Bluerunners, who are loving the cooler waters caused by the rain.


Come fishing in Jacó in July, and this town's year-round fishery will not leave you disappointed, even though it's off-season. Look for Yellowfin Tuna and Dorado offshore, or fish the reefs for Jacks and Rainbow Runners. 


August is a great time to bag a discount in Costa Rica. With most tourists staying away because of the rains, you'll have a discounted rate at your hotel. And with hot Roosterfish action awaiting you, what more could you want?


The rainy season rains get more intense after a brief respite in July and August. But if you can brave the weather, you'll find that numbers of Sailfish and Marlin are heating offshore, with Roosterfish remaining good inshore.


Expect Sailfish, Blue and Striped Marlin, and large numbers of Dorado to start showing up in Jacó's offshore waterways. Snappers and Groupers are still making for great table fare - look for them over the local reefs.


The rainy season is finally over, and Billfish fishing gets serious once again. Look for Blue and Black Marlin as well as Costa Rica’s specialty – the Sailfish.


Expect calm seas and amazing fishing. Come to Jacó in December, and you won’t be alone – this is peak tourist season. It isn’t hard to see why. The seas are calm and hook ups of Sailfish and even Marlin are common.

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Reviews of Fishing in Jacó

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Tracey S. fished with Pacific Boat Rentals - Mad Marlin on July 20, 2019
Full day is best to get out as far as you need to fish for the big fish. Bathe yourself in sunscreen!
Full day trip with Will and George!
Robert D. fished with Allin Sportfishing - 28’ Mako on June 14, 2019
Check the reviews on fishingbooker.com and book your trip from there. Allin Sportfishing out of Herradura was awesome.
Fll day fishing
Larry L. fished with Allin Sportfishing - 28’ Mako on January 17, 2019
Make reservations in advance, and bring your camera
full day on Allin
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Allin Sportfishing boat. Captain and crew were incredible.
Awesome Full day with Fishing and Tortuga Island
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Spend the whole day out there. Its worth it...
Full day trip with George and Will on Allin.
Robert C. fished with Allin Sportfishing - 28’ Mako on October 8, 2018
Wear shorts and flip flops due to wading to dingy to take you to the boat. Be prepared to take fish home with you.
Excellent Service, Excellent Charter!
Jonah M. fished with Captain Tom’s Big Game Sportfishing on August 9, 2018
Its worth the trip here to fish any time of year.
Fishing and Snorkeling in Tortuga Island
FishingBooker Member fished with Pacific Boat Rentals - Mad Marlin on June 14, 2018
Rent medium boats not the big Yatchs, you can go 2 times and not just 1

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