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Top Fishing Charters in Pulaski

Fishing in Pulaski

Fishing in Pulaski is a phenomenon that you need to experience to believe. Once called “Fishville,” you can be certain this town on the eastern shoreline of Lake Ontario lives up to its name!

Fishing Spots

The Salmon River

If you’re fishing in Pulaski, chances are you’re going for the Salmon run on the aptly named Salmon River. This is one of the most heavily fished tributaries of Lake Ontario. Choose your spot carefully, as it will get very crowded. You can choose to cast from shore, wade, or charter a boat. Throughout the year, the Salmon River is stocked up with Chinook Salmon, Coho Salmon, Washington Steelhead, Skamania Steelhead, and Atlantic Salmon.

Douglaston Salmon Run

As well as the Salmon River, you can also drop your lines in the Douglaston Salmon Run. Although these are private waters, you can access them after paying a fee. You’ll have plenty of elbow room, as only 350 anglers can fish on the 2.5 miles of shoreline per day.

Black Hole and More

Other top spots include Black Hole, which offers the deepest hole on the river and whose south bank is part of the Douglaston Salmon Run. Long Bridge (also called Staircase Pool) offers anglers many drops upriver and is located in the center of Pulaski. Short Bridge (or Town Pool) is another great little spot to fish from, all in Pulaski.

Lake Ontario

It would be wrong to not mention that just 3 miles west of Pulaski is the famous Lake Ontario. This is the 19th largest lake in the world and the reason for such excellent fishing in Pulaski. Fishing trips head out onto Lake Ontario between April and September when the fishing is great here.

Oneida Lake

Drive south for 45 minutes to reach the best lake in New York for Walleye, Oneida Lake. Just 21 miles long, this water offers excellent fishing year round. With a maximum width of just 5.5 miles, the lake regularly freezes over, which makes for great ice fishing in winter.

Fishing Tips

  • Returning Salmon in the Salmon River aren’t hungry when spawning, just very territorial and aggressive. The best way to entice them at this time is using egg sacs or plastic imitation eggs.  

  • For Brown Trout, tried and true types of lures include fresh egg sacks, plastic baits, and nightcrawlers.

Need to Know

Fall is the best time to catch Salmon. This is the place to be for multiple hook ups in the fall, and you’ll find the river can get very crowded with anglers.

Rules and Regulations

You can buy a single day NY fishing license for $10. Have the license on you at all times when fishing (or the confirmation code if you do not have a paper license).

When fishing in the Salmon River there are many regulations you need to be aware of to avoid getting a ticket. Your guide will let you know the do’s and don’ts, as there are many to navigate!


Fishing trips in Pulaski vary depending on which body of water the trip is on. Heading into Lake Ontario on a 10 hour trip will cost a group of four around $1,000. On the other hand, a six-hour night trip on Oneida Lake will be $200 for two people. Expect an eight-hour trip on the Salmon River to be between $600–$800 for four people.

Getting There

Pulaski is located on Route 11, adjacent to I-81. Syracuse Hancock International Airport is a 40 minute drive south, along the I-81 N. Watertown International Airport is 35 minutes north of Pelaski along the I-81 N. You’ll find Rochester less than two hours away along the I-90 W.

Fishing in Pulaski is well worth the journey – head down today for an unforgettable fishing adventure.

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Pulaski Fishing Seasons

You’ll just be fishing for Steelhead this month. Head to Oneida Lake for ice fishing – always be careful on the ice.

The levels of Steelhead and Brown Trout are quite low this month. Ice fishing is still an option in nearby Lake Oneida.

Steelhead and Brown Trout continue to bite well. Cheer up with the annual Wings and Things Fest for delicious chicken wings, drinks, and raffles.

April through to June are prime time for Brown Trout, ranging from 8–20 pounds. The record is 32 pounds. You might get lucky and catch Chinook this month, too.

Smallmouth Bass continues to make for reliable fishing. Steelhead is also around, and the season opens for Walleye. Get on the Brown Trout while it’s hot.


This is the month for Smallmouth Bass, so prepare your tackle box accordingly.  Brown Trout continues to bite well.

July is still great for Smallmouth Bass, while Brown Trout is active, too. For Steelhead, use light tackle for great results.

Activity begins to heat up for Salmon, usually Coho first, as they begin their spawning season at the end of August. Brown Trout continues to be active, and Smallmouth Bass is still good.


This is the month for Chinook and Coho. Once in the river, their focus is on spawning, not eating, so traditional lures won’t work here. The Salmon River will get very crowded for the next two months.


This is the best time for Chinook and Coho Salmon. After spawning they die, so get your lines in the water as fast as possible and observe all the regulations for the area. Brown Trout come to spawn now, too.


This is your last chance to catch Salmon. After they die off, you can concentrate on catching the remaining Steelhead and Brown Trout.


December is a good month for catching Brown Trout and Steelhead. Join in the Christmas festivities in Pulaski to celebrate a great season.


Pulaski Fishing Calendar

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What People Are Saying About Pulaski

"Half day trip "

Timothy L. fished with Reel Silver Charters on July 3, 2019

Get ready to have a blast reeling in them Big fish!

"Full day steelhead trip on salmon River."

Paul P. fished with Dreams Come True - Drift Boat on November 11, 2018

Book a drift boat trip and learn the techniques of fishing for those big fish. Also, you get a first hand view of the river.

"Drift boat trip with Captain Rick Pecci"

Terri F. fished with Dreams Come True - Drift Boat on September 29, 2018

Do some research on the weather the water temperature. If you are booking this kind of tour make sure you ask your captain questions. They will prepare you.

"6 Hr Morning Trip"

Ruben G. fished with Midway Charters – Lake Ontario on June 2, 2017

Contact Midway Charter to book your trip

Top Targeted Species in Pulaski

Rainbow Trout (Steelhead)

Rainbow Trout (Steelhead)

Brown Trout

Brown Trout

Salmon (Chinook)

Salmon (Chinook)

Salmon (Coho)

Salmon (Coho)

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