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Anglers go fishing around Whidbey Island to cast their lines in some of the best spots in the Pacific Northwest. Located just 30 miles north of Seattle, the island has all the perks of Puget Sound, without the crowds. Lots of species targeted in this area are considered delicacies, which makes local captains’ “keep the catch” policy more exciting.
Salmon is on every angler’s wishlist and you can choose between Chinook, Coho, Pink, and Chum Salmon while fishing here. Each species has its own peak season, but all of them overlap in September. You can catch Salmon using various techniques – trolling, mooching, jigging, and fly fishing. Even if you only target Salmon, you’ll have the chance to learn many methods.
Lingcod, Flounder, and Rockfish are the usual bottom fishing targets. As a bonus, some guides add crabbing to the mix or take you to harvest Oysters and Clams. For these treats, summer is the best time to visit. 
Most fishing guides in the area offer both private and shared trips. This means that you don’t have to miss out on an adventure just because your friends are busy! Gear is usually provided, you just need to pick up a WA fishing license ahead of time.
Trips in the area usually leave from Whidbey Island, Seattle, or Edmonds. Trips out of Edmonds will give you quicker access to the fishing grounds if you want to keep your time on the water short. 
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Whidbey Island Fishing Seasons

The beginning of the year is all about Chinook Salmon. In January, Puget Sound is full of immature Chinooks, known as Blackmouths. 
In February, it’s best to troll for Coho and Chinook Salmon. If you want to try something unusual, target Squids at night.
In March, fishing for Coho is better than going after Chinook. You can catch some Flounder but this is a slow month in general.
April kicks-off the bottom fishing season but there’s still not a lot of action. You’ll have the most success by going after Flounder.
Lingcod fishing explodes in May! With Flounder stock also being very high, this is a great time for bottom fishing.
Go bottom fishing for Cabezon. This unusual, big-headed fish is probably like nothing you’ve seen so far.
Salmon season is about to kick-off, so make sure to book your spot on time. On top of that, crabbing is great.
Salmon season is at its finest! Whether you troll for Chinook, Coho, Pink, or Chum, you’ll have a great time!
Catch a few Salmon and top it all off with some Crabs. Cook them at the beach and enjoy this delicacy even more.
Trolling for Coho is still great but other Salmon species are harder to find. If you miss bottom fishing, go after Flounder.
Chinook fishing is good in the southern part of Puget Sound. Coho Salmon are also possible on your trip but there aren’t that many of them.
Immature Chinook, also called Blackmouth, is the best target in December. For all bottom fishing enthusiasts, there’s always Flounder.

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Half day trip with Wind Knot Guides
Gregory F. fished with Wind Knot Salmon Guides on July 6, 2019
I loved my trip with Capt. David. We got on fish right away and when or if a fish took a hook he’d let me do as much or little as I wanted to re-outfit and get back in the water. As an avid steelhead/salmon fisher I super appreciated getting to have hands on. I highly recommend his charter for those like myself or the first timer. I am from California, Wind Knot Salmon Guides filled my first ever Washington salmon trip with hilarious stories, caught lots of fish and I had a great day in the Sound.
Fun Trip With Captain Haug
Christopher M. fished with Big King Salmon Charters on August 18, 2018
This is very convenient for those living in the Seattle-area, especially during the Coho run. Not even 10 minutes of sailing and you are on the fish. Very much worth it.
Half day trip with Captain Chris
Cathy J. fished with Big King Salmon Charters on August 12, 2018
Check when the fishing seasons are and what you are fishing for.
Fishing with Chris
John H. fished with Big King Salmon Charters on August 8, 2018
Find out when the pink salmon are running
Good Experience
Andrea D. fished with Big King Salmon Charters on October 7, 2017
Check the weather, and dress appropriately.

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