Montauk Bass (Striped) Fishing Charters

Montauk Bass (Striped) Fishing Charters

Best Bass (Striped) Fishing Charters in Montauk

Top Bass (Striped) Fishing Charters in Montauk

Bass (Striped) Fishing in Montauk

Bass (Striped)
  • Size 10 to 30lbs
  • Food Value Good
  • Game Qualities Good
  • Habitats River, Lake, Inshore, Nearshore

(Morone saxatilis)

The small fishing village of Montauk is located at the very tip of Long Island, which has earned it a pretty ominous-sounding local nickname – “The End”! When it comes to hooking one of the East Coast’s favorite fish, however, you couldn’t find a better place to begin your angling adventure. The Striped Bass fishing Montauk has to offer is often considered to be some of the best not only in Long Island, but the entire state of New York. Who are we to argue? 

What can I expect?

Striped Bass has remained a Montauk staple for many reasons, but there are two that stand out: Firstly, its migratory pattern means that it shows up here in abundance, especially during the annual fall Striper run. Secondly, it’s fun to catch and tastes great! Isn’t this what every angler is looking for?
Thanks to its tourist-friendly beaches and picturesque lighthouse, Montauk is the perfect place for a family day out. This is reflected in the Striped Bass fishing charters on offer. You don’t have to be a hardened fisherman to chase this fish! The majority of captains here are locals, and relish the opportunity to introduce new anglers or out-of-towners to what authentic Montauk Striper chasing looks like.
Striped Bass aren’t fussy when it comes to the waters they inhabit, either. They’ll happily make a home out of fresh, salt, and brackish waters! Saltwater fishing is far and away the most popular way to target this fish in Montauk, probably because it’s surrounded by the trifecta of top Long Island fisheries: the Atlantic, Long Island Sound, and Gardeners Bay.
As Striper prefer to dwell in shallow, rocky fishing grounds, you don’t have to opt for a full day angling extravaganza in order to hook this species. If you’re a newer angler, or are traveling with little ones, a half day trip allows for more than enough time to explore some hotspots and target this fish. More experience under your belt? Spend more time on the water for the chance to land a trophy-sized catch – or “Cow Striper,” as the locals call them!
The exact location you’ll be fishing in depends on your experience and local weather conditions, but there are some tried-and-true (and oddly-named!) Montauk Striper hotspots that your captain may take you to, including The Point and The Elbow.

How can I catch them?

Adding to their reputation as the “people’s fish,” hooking Striped Bass can be completely tailored to suit your skill level. It can be as simple or as complex as you'd like it to be! If you want to experience some truly authentic Montauk-style Striper chasing, ask your captain about trolling with sandworms. It’s a successful technique that offers a pretty relaxing ride on the water, too! 

Need to know

In Montauk, Striped Bass are subject to closed and open seasons, so make sure you consider this when planning your trip. The open season for this species tends to be April through December, but this may change – it’s always best to check with your charter captain. 
When it comes to your fishing license, this is usually covered by your charter, as well as the fishing gear you’ll need for a successful day on the water. All you need to bring are snacks, drinks, and warm clothing, as Long Island’s weather can be unpredictable. Make “The End” the beginning of your incredible Striped Bass angling adventure!

Montauk Bass (Striped) Fishing Seasons

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Bass (Striped) fishing in Montauk is highly variable throughout the year. High season is May and September to October. Closed season is January to March.
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Reviews of Bass (Striped) Fishing in Montauk

Half day trip AM
Craig L. fished with Push The Limit Sportfishing on September 26, 2020
Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent
Diamond jigs are killer . Stick with the lighter tackle . Trawling is no fun
Half Day Trip With Capt. TJ
John V. fished with Crunch Time Sport Fishing on July 6, 2019
Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent
If you love fishing you MUST visit Montauk to fish. A++++++FISHING
Night Elling Trip
Rudolph H. fished with Moondance Charters of Montauk on August 25, 2018
Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent
Fished Montauk twice for bass in August once on the 1st and again on the 25th both times did great.
Fishing with John
Joe M. fished with Premium Charters on August 12, 2018
Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent
We had a great time , Captain John and his mate took really good care of us and we are looking forward to booking our next trip with him soon .
Best Fishing Ever
Dean C. fished with November Rain Charters on August 3, 2018
Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent
If i were to recommend to anglers fishing in Montauk. It would be to go and book a charter with November Rain Charters.
Monday night Bass
Jimmy M. fished with Capt. Ron’s Fishing Charters on July 30, 2018
Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent
Charter a boat, the captain, knows the water & can advise on what bait, where to fish and how to catch.
Full Day Trip on Cujo
Michael R. T. fished with Montauk Charterboat CUJO on July 1, 2018
Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent
get plenty of rest before hand, and have some muscle in you party : ))
6-hr afternoon trip.
Mark R. fished with Second Choice Charters on October 28, 2017
Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent
Yes, Montauk is truly best place to fish from entire Long Island, NY