Yellowtail Amberjack Fishing in San Diego California

Yellowtail Amberjack Fishing in San Diego California

Yellowtail Amberjacks are prime game fish to go for off the San Diego coast. Two fishery choices include the SoCal waters and the Baja California waters.

The former will be more seasonal, with lesser numbers of fish remaining throughout the spawning season in the winter, but with additional resurgences of large individuals in squid spawning spots at this time. These fish will require more finesse, as they are more used to being fished.

The latter will produce larger, more abundant, seasonally more stable and less educated fish, but usually requires multi-day trips, travel identification and Mexican fishing licenses.

The Long Run Sportfishing team can provide excellent charters in both fishieries.

Yellowtail Amberjack fishing in San Diego California varies moderately throughout the year. High season is April to September. Low season is January to February and December. There is no closed season.
Fishing Techniques:

Yellowtail Amberjack Fishing Charters in San Diego California