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Pompano Bite :: ON FIRE :: Today

December 16, 2017

Fished a 1/2 day in the river this morning. We went looking for some speckled trout and yellow mouth trout (aka weakfish) on the hi change. Well, we found some trout alright and they were mixed in with these… Read Full Report →

Gettin it done on the MisStress

July 01, 2017

Heck of a 6 hr trip trolling live bait off St. Augustine, FL. Started off catching live bait (cast netting pogies) then went to the local artificial reefs and some natural bottom. Game on. Limited out on the kingfish… Read Full Report →


May 31, 2017

Booked as a 4 hr inshore (river) but due to the calm seas elected to do a near shore. Caught bait (pogies aka menhaden) with one throw of the net we had a couple hundred. And, away we went.… Read Full Report →

Amberjack and Cobia Live bait trolling

May 03, 2017

3/4 day offshore live bait trolling. Started by catching a well full of pogies (menhaden) then bottom fishing for grouper as the season had just opened. I guess we were a little late (say 2 days) for the near… Read Full Report →

Combo Offshore/Inshore

March 29, 2017

At customer's request we made it a 5 hour trip so we could fish both offshore for a couple of hours and ICW for a couple of hours. (Yes, I'll customize a trip for you). It started as an… Read Full Report →

ICW (River) With the Rivas Family

March 07, 2017

It was one of those good days that you really don't know how many fish were caught. We went through 14 Doz live shrimp and 2 doz mud minnows (aka Killies). Most were jack cravelle, short black drum, short… Read Full Report →

ICW Reds

March 01, 2017

Fished with Duane and Terry on a 3/4 day (6hr) ICW charter. We fished late afternoon so we could catch the best (falling) tide. The fish were scattered so they got to see a lot of the area and… Read Full Report →

ICW Wide Open

November 13, 2016

Got a call about 10 yesterday morning "Can you take us (party of 3) fishing this afternoon?". I wasn't booked so the answer was "Sure. Meet me at the dock (Camachee Cove, St. Augustine FL) at noon and we'll… Read Full Report →

Liem's First Big Redfish

September 26, 2016

Small (short) fish bit well this morning. Slot reds were hard to find though. We had 12+ short reds, ? short Mangrove Snapper, a keeper flounder, a keeper (17") black drum and one keeper Mangrove. The big fish went… Read Full Report →

Still Some Kings and 'Cuda's Around

August 20, 2016

Got a call mid-morning "Can you take us fishing this afternoon?" - "Sure". Started at 1300 instead of my normal 0700. Sabikied bait and away we went. Bites from beginning 'till end - always something stretching the string. We… Read Full Report →

Got a Spindle Beak (sailfish) Last Sat.

August 13, 2016

Started by catching bait (sabiki), Cigar minnows and scaled sardines. When we got to the fishing grounds it was one of the best trips I've ever had. We were hand feeding the 10 to 14# king mackerel. In the… Read Full Report →

Kingfish Bite Off The HOOK

August 06, 2016

Kings were on fire again this morning. Baited (sabiki'd) with cigar minnows and scaled sardines and moved out to the 9 mile artificial reef area. We started fishing at about 8 and had caught 14 kings buy 1015, keeping… Read Full Report →

King Mackerel WIDE OPEN

August 03, 2016

This is a composite report from the last couple of weeks. I haven't been able to keep up with the reporting because I've been gone every day kingfishing. The bite on the inshore reefs off of St. Augustine has… Read Full Report →

Offshore St. Augustine

June 03, 2016

Live bait hard to come by but worth the time it took to catch it. Used scaled sardines and cigar minnows to troll the artificial reef systems off St. Augustine this morning. We missed a few and caught some… Read Full Report →

A few pics from trips week of 29May-1Jun

June 01, 2016

Just a few pics from three 3/4 day offshore trips this week. The big king was caught 5 miles off Ponte Vedra Beach and the Mahi were caught 4 miles off St. Augustine Beach. We never made it past… Read Full Report →

Live Bait Trolling w/ Glen Bethany n Fam

May 11, 2016

Trip was supposed to be on the 10th but the weather was IFFY at best. I was open so we rolled it to the 11th. Bait was easy and the ride out 14 miles was fair. The first bait… Read Full Report →

First Live Bait Trolling Trip 2016

May 08, 2016

This was the first live bait trolling trip of the season. I fished with a friends son (James Higdon) and two of his buds from work. We baited up with Pogies (Menhaden) and ran 14 miles offshore. The bite… Read Full Report →

6 hr in the ICW with Joe Wince & Sons

May 06, 2016

We started at 10 am on the High Tide Change and fished the full fall. The trout, lady fish and jack crevalle bit thoughout the day. The reds bit the last half hour of the fall through slack. We… Read Full Report →

In the River For a SLAM

April 05, 2016

Caught a SLAM in the ICW today with Andrea and family. We had Black Drum, Redfish and Sheepshead for the slam and released Jacks, Ladyfish and Bonnethead Sharks as well. We got on a very good bite (over 20)… Read Full Report →

Pompano, Jacks, Speckled Trout +++++

March 27, 2016

Easter Sunday afternoon bite was OFF THE HOOK. We stayed hooked to one flavor or the other for a solid 2.5 hours then it only slacked off a little. Left them biting. What a problem to have. It was… Read Full Report →

SLAM TIME with Kevin and the boys

March 23, 2016

Had a ball fishing with Kevin and his boys. We had LOTS of fish. Went through 10 doz live shrimp + mud minnows in less than 4 hours fishing time. Really don't know how many fish (or species) we… Read Full Report →

Inshore and Offshore Pics from Mar '16

March 20, 2016

Just a Few Pics of the Bite Inshore and Offshore on the "MisStress" Here In St. Augustine over the Last Few Weeks Read Full Report →

Inshore Wrecks on Fire

March 18, 2016

Fishing with Wes and his family on a Full Day (8hr) Offshore trip. We started with a favorite sea bass spot. Game ON. I don't know how many we caught because a lot of them were shorts (under 13").… Read Full Report →

6 in the Ditch (ICW)

January 09, 2016

I fished a 6 hour (3/4 day) in the ICW with Rex and Stacy Saturday and the fishing was HOT. We kept 7 speckled trout from 16 to 19.5", 3 redfish from 19.5 to 24", 5 blues from 13… Read Full Report →

6 hr In the ICW

September 14, 2015

I fished with Tim, Sherri and Cameron yesterday, we did a river trip instead of the offshore that was booked. Just too nasty with a 15 knot NE wind and 3-5 foot seas. Started at 11 am so we… Read Full Report →

Fishing in the Rain-Fish on Fire

August 30, 2015

Yesterday, 30Aug'15, I fished with Robert Minor and family (Yan, Michelle and Mike). We fished the ICW South of St. Augustine and on the edges of Tropical Storm Erika. I gave them the option to not go or call… Read Full Report →

5 Kings to 25#s +++ 4 hr Trolling

August 20, 2015

Baited up (pogies - one throw and go with an 8' cast net) in 17 ft of water off the St Augustine Light House. Ran a couple of miles out (stopping once to oh and ah at a pod… Read Full Report →

6 King Mackerel/45 Min/Insane Bite

August 18, 2015

I was fishing with Kevin Stocton and party yesterday. I'd had a friend call the night before and let me know that there were some kings at a local artificial reef that hadn't been hit hard lately. We baited… Read Full Report →

1/2 day Offshore Light Tackle Trolling

August 05, 2015

Started by catching bait (cast net) then fished in 35-45' of water just off the beach. We had some sharks to 65#s and a 30# King mackerel there last Sunday. We had one blow up and miss for about… Read Full Report →

Flounder On Fire (Four Hour River (ICW)

July 26, 2015

Fished with Frank Moulton and sons this morning. Flounder bite was off the hook. Live bait was a little hard to come by and I figured we'd just use Gulps and Fish-Bites. Stopped at the Bait Shack at the… Read Full Report →

4 hr Offshore Live Bait Trolling

July 20, 2015

I fished with Roxanne, Susan and Noah today. We started out catching live bait (menhaden aka pogies) in a backwater area. Bait has been hit or miss the last couple of days and we were lucky to get a… Read Full Report →

4 hr Offshore Livebait Trolling

July 14, 2015

Yesterday the bait was a little easier to come by. I threw the net twice and got a hundred or so mixed size pogies and away we went. The pond was a little sporty with a short (read close)… Read Full Report →

Jack Attack (amber jack) 6 hr offshore

July 12, 2015

Live bait was all but impossible today. Looked all over the place and found very few livies. Went out to jig up some and a friend on another charter boat that had found some pulled up and souveniered me… Read Full Report →

4 hour offshore live bait trolling

July 11, 2015

Fishing with Steve, Allison and Page Olson. We baited using Sabiki's on a local sunken tug boat catching cigar minnow's, scaled sardines and 1 blue runner. The bait was small but the beach bait went into space I guess… Read Full Report →

6 hour offshore live bait trolling

July 08, 2015

Baited on the beach with pogies and went offshore in search of King Mackerel. We lost the first one to what was probably a 'cuda cutting the line as it bit the king. Then caught a couple of bonita… Read Full Report →

8 hour offshore

July 03, 2015

Fishing a little slow. We baited up (live pogies) on the beach and ran offshore to troll. We had a few strikes early, catching a king and a cobia as well as a few sharks and bonita. We released… Read Full Report →

Mixed Bag Offshore 6 hour

June 19, 2015

We had a good mixed bag 6 hour offshore trip. The pic shows King Mackerel and Amberjack, we also had barracuda's and little tunny that we released. Did the kings in the early morning and then went a little… Read Full Report →

6 hr offshore

June 02, 2015

Live bait trolling and chumming. Amberjack were wide open for us today. Broke a bunch off on light tackle and came in with a limit of 6 AJ's, one King Mackeral, one 'Cuda some Little Tunny and released 2… Read Full Report →

IntraCoastal Waterway Fishing

May 31, 2015

This was a Fathers day gift to Alan and Mason, the girls came along to show them how it's done. Mason caught the big red and Amy caught the big trout and everyone caught flounder. The bite was a… Read Full Report →