Pompano Bite :: ON FIRE :: Today

December 16, 2017 by Guy Spear

Trip Info

The Catch
Spotted Seatrout
Black Drum

Fished a 1/2 day in the river this morning. We went looking for some speckled trout and yellow mouth trout (aka weakfish) on the hi change. Well, we found some trout alright and they were mixed in with these pompano. I fished Cajun Thunder style float rigs with live shrimp for the trout and pompano and knocker rigs for the drum and redfish. I cleaned 7 trout and 14 pompano as well as releasing ?? short black drum, redfish (aka red drum) and trout. It was Jameson’s first fishing trip on a boat and I tried to spoil him. The bite is on, Lets go catch some.

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