6 King Mackerel/45 Min/Insane Bite
August 18, 2015 St. Augustine 2 photos

Trip Summary

I was fishing with Kevin Stocton and party yesterday. I'd had a friend call the night before and let me know that there were some kings at a local artificial reef that hadn't been hit hard lately. We baited up in 12 feet of water with pogies (menhaden) and headed out. I saw fish striking the surface as we approached and on the first pass we tripled up and it was game on. We landed all three (kings 10-12#s). Second pass was a double of which we lost one / caught one. Then two singles and we had all the kingfish they wanted. Left them biting to look for something different. Caught one small Atlantic Sharpnose Shark and hooked a very large fish (I suspect it was another big bull shark as it was in the same area where I've caught three on light tackle over the last couple of weeks) that was going where he/she wanted to go not paying the least bit of attention to the pressure we could put on it with 20# line, two #4 treble hooks and 18 inches of 40# cable leader, cut off after about 15 min. These big sharks usually take upwards of 2 hours on this light tackle and have to be hooked outside the mouth to even have a slight chance of getting a picture (I don't put the big sharks in the boat). The way the line was cut this shark was hooked all the way in the mouth or the line got in the mouth as it was swimming. Good angler but you can't catch them all. See you on the pond, Capt. Guy
Guy Spear
St-augustine, Florida, United States
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