Hammerhead Sharks Flipper II Madeira
October 08, 2021 Calheta 1 photo
Shark (Hammerhead)
Shark (Hammerhead)

Trip Summary

Flipper II decided to get up nice and early and go out and try to catch one of the hammerhead sharks we have seen swimming around the boat during our recent bottom fishing trips. With the sun rising above the island we headed out to the mark we had choosen to fish. Sunrise Madeira Flipper II Madeira Big Game Fishing Early Start Fishing Madeira Flipper II Madeira Big Game Fishing Within just 20 minutes the light came up and we could already see several hammerheads swimming around the boat so we got out the light tackle and concentrated on getting some live baits in the tank. Luckily for us the fish were biting well and it didnt take to long before we had a good selection of baits to choose from. If you click on the link below you will see the hammerheads swimming around the boat. Hammerhead Flipper II Madeira Big Game Fishing. We rigged up two livebaits and sent them swimming and very quickly we had our first take and we had our first shark on the hook. It took a hard run up towards the bow and unfortunatley swam under the anchor line and the line snapped, but it was just the start of the day and we planned not to go home till we had achieved our target. The bites continued and everytime we put out a live bait it wasnt long before the sharks were up on the surface and biting. We had quite a few bitten in half so we played around changing the way we rigged them till we got it right. Now we started to get some success. We hooked up to a fish and it ran like a steam train. Mick took the rod and was enjoying playing her first Hammerhead, hoping that we could get this one to the boat. The fish gave a good fight for its size and was certainly still full of energy along side the boat. First one in the boat today and we were very happy with that. Time to get another…… At the end of the day we ended up with 3 fish to the boat out of 6 hook ups. I lost count of the number of bites we had were the baits were bitten off behind the head but it was a fantastic days fishing which we look forward to repeating soon. 50lb Hammerhead Flipper II Madeira Big Game Fishing. 50lb Hammerhead Flipper II Madeira Big Game Fishing. Calheta
Mick French
Calheta, Madeira, Portugal
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Flipper II Madeira wishes you a warm welcome to Calheta, Madeira, one of Portugal’s prime angling destinations. From inshore and nearshore fishing to offshore spots to reefs, wrecks, and flats, you’ll definitely find a fishing option you&rsquo...

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