Spring '23 - We're off and running!
June 19, 2023 Vancouver 3 photos

Trip Summary

Although we are lucky enough in Vancouver to be able to fish for chinook salmon year round, Spring marks the beginning of our main salmon season, as migrating fish also begin to show up in local waters. And for weather and fishing, Spring came in like a lion this year! May saw hot, summer-like weather, virtually no rain, and the chinook salmon fishing was on fire! In fact, on a lot of days its seemed like double-headers were more common than catching single fish! June has been more seasonable, and the first coho of the year showed up in numbers, adding to the already great chinook fishing! Vancouver area waters will also see a big run of Pink salmon soon, as they are on a two year cycle. This year, Pinks will arrive in the millions starting in July and they always provide lots of action and good fun. Add it all up and we’ve already enjoyed a great start to what promises to be a terrific salmon season this year! Let’s go fishing!
Roy Tanami
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
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