Bahamas Spearfishing Charters

Bahamas Spearfishing Charters

Best Spearfishing Fishing Charters in Bahamas

Spearfishing in Bahamas

Visiting the magical Bahamas is at the top of the list for passionate globetrotters, nature lovers, and most of all, avid fishermen. They're spoiled for choice when it comes to the variety of game species to target and fishing techniques to try, and the spearfishing Bahamas has to offer is a must-do for the most adventurous anglers. 
There are numerous Bahamas spearfishing charters led by experienced and knowledgeable crews that specialize in guided trips. Book a trip with a Bahamas spearfishing guide and get ready for an adventure of a lifetime! 

What to Expect  

You'll get to choose from a variety of trips depending on your preferences and skill level – from half day to full day charters. Delicious Lobsters are the most common targets, but you can also go after a plethora of vibrant local species. This includes Lane Snapper, Queen Snapper, Hogfish, Grouper, Amberjack, and others. You'll also have a unique opportunity to target the infamous Lionfish, a venomous invasive species that came here from Florida in 2005 and is intent on making its home in these reefs!
Your hunt for all these trophies will include snorkeling or free diving. Any kind of underwater air supply is prohibited while spearfishing in the Bahamas. Spearfishing guns are also illegal, so your weapon of choice will be a Hawaiian sling. Diving instructors are present on the majority of spearfishing trips in the Bahamas, and one instructor per 4 guests is the norm. 
Most of the charters will take only experienced adults spearfishing, but there are also charters that specialize in working with beginners. Your captain will teach you how to use the sling before the trip and make sure your first spearfishing experience is safe, comfortable, and fun. 
In addition to the gear used, spearfishing in the Bahamas is strictly regulated in various other ways. One of the biggest upsides of going on a trip with an experienced local charter is that you won't have to worry about all these rules – your captain will make sure everything runs smoothly and according to the law.

How to Prepare 

Most of the Bahamas spearfishing charters will provide all the needed gear and bait. Acquiring a valid fishing license is up to the customers. In addition to fishing permits, you should also pack any food and drinks of your choosing, sunscreen, sunglasses, hats, and layered clothing. Pickups from various locations can usually be arranged with the crew for an additional cost. 
Now you know all about spearfishing in the Bahamas, you just have to choose your destination, book a trip with some of the many professional charters, and get ready for an adventure you’ll remember for years to come!
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Top Spearfishing Fishing Charters in Bahamas

Reviews of Fishing in Spearfishing in Bahamas

Fishing with Keith
Nicholas P. fished with Blue Finn Charters on July 11, 2019
Anything.. Trolling was slow then we started bottom fishing and it was on fire it was on fish after another.
Day bonefish fishing
Ian Q. fished with Bonefish Master LLC on April 13, 2019
Bring everything you think you might need and don't expect 5 star This is an out island proper style.
April fishing trip
Ian Q. fished with Bonefish Paradise Fishing Services on April 9, 2019
Great fishing but be prepared to go and look for it, friendly people great bars [Maxs conch bar, Tinys] etc beautiful place to be.
Full day with Captain Eddie
Robert Z. fished with First Strike Charters - Bertram on March 12, 2019
I fished with Capt Eddie of First Strike. I had a great experience, so I would recommend you book with him.
3/4 day with captain Roberts
Payton C. fished with Tailin' Boner Charters on January 4, 2019
Any type of game fish, our weather was not very cooperative this trip but I plan to return at a later date.
Half Day with Captain Roberts
Payton C. fished with Tailin' Boner Charters on January 2, 2019
Just check the weather and hope for the best.
October fishing trip
Adam S. fished with Fishing 242 Charters - 32' SeaVee on October 27, 2018
The water gets deep closer to shore than you think. It is a short trip to deep water, a 4 hour trip is efficient. Reel that fish in quick, sharks will snag your fish before you know it.
Half Day Trip with Hollis Curling (captaining for the boat's owner)
Michael C. fished with Superadventures Go for Fish! on October 18, 2018
Bottom fishing with a knowledgeable Captain turned out excellent. Plenty of action. Skipped trolling to get right on the fish. The type of bait matters -- squid stays on the hook better than cut bait. Use light tackle for a lot of action, but risk losing sharks, large grouper, barracuda, etc. Conditions were very windy (October 2018). We managed with my 82 y.o. father, though. Great trip overall.

Top Targeted Spearfishing Species in Bahamas