Playa Del Carmen Fishing

Playa's been geographically blessed with ripe angling conditions in two major ways: 1. The channel between Cozumel island and Playa del Carmen creates what science (probably) refers to as a game fish super highway. 2. the entire area is standing on the very edge of a large underwater valley, causing the ocean floor to suddenly and substantially descend just a couple hundreds of meters from the coastline, bringing offshore fishing as close to the shore as you’ve ever had it! Sailfish and Marlin are abundant off the shores of Playa as they migrate through the channel during the entire spring and summertime. Peak season is March to July, but if you’re the type of angler that appreciates a little peace and quiet with your fishing destination, come September, you can avoid the tourist mayhem and have the best of both worlds.

Known For

World-renowned diving destinations, Ek-Balam Mayan Ruins, Parque Xplor, Tulum, La Quinta Avenida, Resident Wahoo population, Fish Tacos, Mahekal Beach Resort, Xcaret Eco Theme Park, Super Tuna fishing prospects year-round, Coba Mayan Village

Rules & Regulations

All anglers must have a valid fishing license. Fishing licenses for all FishingBooker charters are either included in price or can be purchased from the charter operator. Consult the ‘Amenities’ section of any particular charter for more information on licensing.

Playa Del Carmen Fishing Calendar

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