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Top Fishing Charters in Dauphin Island

Fishing in Dauphin Island

Dauphin Island fishing is diverse, fast-paced and everywhere. Nearshore, inshore, reefs, or deep sea, you name it! Head further out to get Marlin and Tuna, or charter a boat around the reefs. There you will find Snapper and Grouper. If you want to go trolling, Dauphin Island offers schools of Kings and Spanish Mackerel. Many local captains are tournament-winning anglers, and the nature’s beautiful, too.

Known For

Guarding the entrance to the Mobile Bay, Dauphin Island was once home to Native Americans who used the land to fish, harvest, and hunt. Its nature and fisheries have witnessed people come and go, clashes take place, and nations being built. The white sandy beaches make these fisheries a sight to admire. If you want productive fishing and a peaceful setting, this is where your angling ambitions should take you.

Camping and birds are popular items on any visitor’s to-do list. But, we think that Dauphin Island’s true jewel lies off its coast. Yep, it’s fishing! One simply can’t praise enough the angling around the local waters. Not many places get to boast such diverse fishing opportunities.

You can be a fisherman looking for a seasoned captain, a novice, family with eager youngsters, or an outdoors enthusiast—Dauphin Island has you covered. Nearshore, you can get Cobia, Wahoo, King and Spanish Mackerel. Many of our charters have an experienced crew who know how to get around fish, and help you fill your bags.

When you’ve caught limits while charter fishing, you can take a walk around some of the bird sanctuaries, or pay a visit to the Estuarium. There you’ll get to see aquariums filled with 100 of Alabama’s native wildlife different species.

Rules & Regulations

All anglers need to possess a valid saltwater fishing permit when fishing in Alabama state waters. You can easily purchase your license online, either as an annual or a multiday option.

Types of Fishing

Let’s have a look at what Dauphin Island has in store. Besides ridiculously big fish offshore, you can fill your bags with the shoreline still in sight. Dauphin Island inshore fishing is on par with the rest of the Gulf’s hot spots. Spotted Seatrout, Tripletail, and Redfish can grow really big. Get Spotted Seatrout on artificial lures, and use gold spoons to catch Redfish. Now, off to a more indepth overview of when to fish.

For people looking for the famed Snapper and Grouper, you’ll get what you came for. When the season’s open, the safest (and the juiciest) bet is a bottom fishing trip, around the reefs and wrecks. Red, Vermillion, Lane Snapper or Red and Gag Grouper are both fun and nutrient catch. Open seasons change on a yearly basis, so best check the Snapper and Grouper season before booking your Dauphin Island fishing charter.

Not so far off the coast, you can go trolling for Kingfish and Spanish Mackerel. But, these beauties are as fast as their bite, and you can find them even further out. Look out for floating objects, if you want to land Cobia. Ships, buoys, and even sharks and turtles attract them.

Big fish swim far off the coast. We’re talking Yellowfin Tuna, Blue Marlin, Mahi Mahi, and Wahoo. It’s best you prepare for a long ride, at times even up to 100 miles to get the fish. You should be looking for full day, and often multiday trips. But, trust us, once you hear the sound of drag screaming, you’ll know your trip’s been worth the while. Even better if you manage to reel the prize in!

Dauphin Island
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Dauphin Island Fishing Seasons

It’s a new year, and a new round of fishing. Redfish, Sheepshead, and Spotted Seatrout hint at a promising inshore fishing trip. Go out, and bring the limits back.

The weather might be blue, but you can still catch some fish inshore. Redfish, Spotted Seatrout, Black Drum are feeding on the bait readily.

Sharks are emerging. Inshore, it’s Black Drum, Redfish, and Spotted Seatrout. Out further, go trolling for Kingfish and Spanish Mackerel.

The spring marks the start of the prime fishing season. Inshore, and offshore, solid schools of fish. To find Cobia, find an object-they love hiding, and are strong fighters.

Amberjack are starting to bite. Head out, and you can also troll for an occasional King or Spanish Mackerel.

Dauphin Island dolphins peak - go trolling for Mahi Mahi. Yellowfin and Blackfin Tuna are high in numbers, so the action takes place offshore. Further out, Amberjack are super hungry.

Everyone wants to fish for Snapper and Grouper! The season changes yearly, but the action stays sweet. Mahi Mahi, Tuna, Amberjack bite in the deep sea waters, so why not join a captain and go get them?

The summer heat is on! Inshore, Tarpon take the spotlight, but these rich inshore waters offer so much more. Sailfish, Tuna, Jack Crevally are all ready and biting.

Look for Spotted Seatrout. They have a strong bite, just like Redfish. You might not catch a bull, but can still make your move for a slot. Offshore, Tuna are biting.

The fall sets in, but the fish still bite. Red, Trout, Flounder, and some Pompano are in the game. East End jetties and inshore are the place to be. You can still find Kingfish.

Sheepshead are inshore, as are Spotted Seatrout. You can get Redfish. Further out, Yellowfin and Blackfin Tuna await. Hire a charter, and join the chase!

It’s the end of the year, but nowhere near the end of fishing. Go great lengths and try to land Blackfin or Yellowfin Tuna as an early gift to you and yours. Inshore, Redfish and Spotted Seatrout still offer fun.

Dauphin Island Fishing Calendar

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What People Are Saying About Dauphin Island

"Crude and Crusty Captain knows where the fish are"

Weldon Norman fished with Specktacklelure Inshore Fishing Guide Service on August 14, 2018

Well, it's HOT, as in temperature. It doesn't matter if you're "on the water" or not, it's still HOT. Fishing off a boat is great if you know where to fish. We went out with a guide since nobody was catching anything off the shore from either the surf or the bay side, except a few catfish. He put us on some of his top spots. It started with a slow bite on a neap tide in the AM, but got better as the day progressed. All 4 of us limited out on BIG reds, we also caught shark, a couple Spanish, and had some bait stealing ladyfish too. Fun. It's fishing, not always catching.

"Half day trip with Captain Jason"

John Young fished with FinAtics Inshore Fishing Charters on July 23, 2018

Yes, it’s very relaxing and a great place to fish!

" Afternoon half-day trip with Captain Jay "

Tommy Collins fished with Irish Wake Fishing on July 14, 2018

Bring good sunscreen and a cooler for your fish

"Half day trip with Captain Mark"

Wesley Williams fished with Bama Breeze Charters on July 11, 2018

Take a charter out and let the captains show you what good fishing is. Shore fishing is boring compared to being on the boat.

Top Fishing Techniques in Dauphin Island

  1. Deep Sea Fishing

Top Targeted Species in Dauphin Island

King Mackerel (Kingfish)


Spanish Mackerel


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