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Overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and its vast fishing opportunities, Point Pleasant fishing charters offer easy access to some of the finest fishing on this part of the US coast. The charming little town is a popular summer resort, its piers and sandy beaches making visitors return here each year for another round of sun bathing and fishing.

Whether you board one of the many party boats or get a private charter to take you out and catch some Tuna near the heart of the Gulf Stream, one thing’s for sure - Point Pleasant has what it takes to be on par with other major fishing points of the US Atlantic coastline.

Point Pleasant fishing spots

Point Pleasant fishing boats experience a consistent bite for the better part of the year, both inshore and far out. Facing the Manasquan River to the north and the Metedeconk River to the south, inshore charters have a wealth of fishing opportunities to size. Add to that many creeks, islands, and coves, and you’ll understand why so many novice and hardcore anglers line down the pier, with coolers ready to be filled. Let’s talk about the richest sweet spots you should visit.

Manasquan River

As it empties into the ocean, the Manasquan gets wide and allows boat traffic. Many of its tributaries meet near the river mouth and, combined with some man-made reservoirs, make it a great fishing spot for big Bluefish. There are three drawbridges around here and fish just love these structures. Head on a boat and go explore the scenic riverspace. If the weather’s nice, you’ll enjoy the sun and the fish. However, even winter days see flurries of action as Gorilla Bluefish blitz takes place.

Here you can also get Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass, and you will find excellent Brown and Rainbow Trout action. Add to these Small Perch, and dozens of fish species that inhabit the river and the reservoir, and it’s easy to see why so many anglers - fly fishermen, we’re looking at you - get hyped about frequenting these fisheries.

Metedeconk River

Some parts of the Metedeconk River are a mashup of salt and fresh water, which sparks great fishing choices. As it flows into the Barnegat Bay, the river widens and creates more space for fishing. You should definitely explore these options as you can find Winter Flounder, Weakfish, and some Fluke. Further down towards the Bay, you can also get Striped Bass. Explore the areas around piers and don’t miss the fisheries around the Metedeconk bridge. The area was affected by Hurricane Sandy, but local anglers report improvements in the number of fish.

Inshore fishing spots

If you set the course towards the Atlantic fisheries, you can catch a good selection of inshore pelagics and bottom dwellers. There are Black Drum, Black Seabass (which are also found around offshore reefs and bottoms), Fluke (Summer Flounder), Striped Bass (Rockfish), and Winter Flounder.

Rockfish are favored by inshore and surf anglers, and bite the best from spring until the end of the year. If you want to have a good chance at landing an impressive one, head out with the first light, or wait until dusk. You will often find them around jetties, piers, bays, and rivers. Luckily, Point Pleasant lacks none of these.

If you’re looking to snatch Fluke or Flounder, then go around muddy bottoms and deep sloughs around coastal bay waters. Other bottom critters include Tautog, which is highly praised but not easily caught. Look for structure - bridges, wrecks, reefs, banks, and piers. You will find them in shallow ocean waters.

Black Seabass is a big thing among big party fishing boats. They are fun to catch nd not so easy to reel in - they are aggressive feeders and fight hard. Look for ocean reefs and wrecks where party boats head.

Offshore reefs and wrecks

If you want to move away from the mainland and get to exciting fish playgrounds, you’ll find a real angling treat some 30 miles offshore - from Mackerel that move around reefs to big fellas like Marlin, Tuna, Mahi, and more.

Ocean ridges and lumps fish well for Bonito, and their numbers peak during summer months.

Cod inhabit deep waters offshore, primarily in colder months. The offshore reefs and wrecks are a good place to get them. Here you can also hope to get some Mahi Mahi and an occasional Tuna.

You can also expect to get Mako and Blue Shark while fishing offshore. They are most likely to be on chew during summer months.

Offshore canyons and deep sea

Hudson Canyon is the poster child for big game fishing, and you can reach it from Point Pleasant on a full day trip. Lying about 100 miles from the mainland, the canyon is a paradise for game fish. Here you will find remarkable Billfish. Summer and early fall are primetime for Blue and White Marlin, and Swordfish.

You have to go well offshore towards the canyons to be able to land a fish and come back home with bragging rights. And, if you’re up for bullies,go fishing for Bluefin, Yellowfin, Albacore, and Big Eye Tuna. They are all found in deep waters where the rest of the stout game fish are and peak during summer and fall.

Most captains who take on these fisheries run multiday trips or extended day trips for the hardcore angler.

How much does it cost

The course you set and the distance you travel will largely affect the price of your trip. If you want to get on a party boat with other anglers and head offshore, you will be paying around $200 for a full day trip. Large groups can even hire one of these charter boats and can go out on a full day trip for about $3500.

Inshore fisheries can be explored for $50 if you go on a shared trip on a party boat. Please check what’s included in the price, as often times you’ll need to purchase rods and reels from the crew at an additional fee.

If you want the boat to yourself so that you can choose the species and the location, plus have the captain to yourself, then booking a private charter is the perfect way to explore Point Pleasant. You’ll be paying around $400 for a half day trip and around $500 for a full day on the water.

Inshore fisheries can be fished for $1000 for an eight hour trip. This generally means six anglers who will accompany the captain. It’s a private party so you can dictate the pace and the target species, and of course, you should consult with the captain about what’s biting. Extended trips that run about 10 and 12 hours cost a bit more, approximately $1200 and $1400.

Private charters that head to the canyons - and run trips for 20+ hours, cost between $2400 and $3000. These trips are for fishing fanatics and you will head far out, meaning 100 miles from the port.

Fishing techniques

Point Pleasant charters are the best way to spend a day on the water. Whether you want to learn about how to land a Tuna near the Hudson Canyon or look for fish around jetties, the local captains have been out numerous times and will make sure your day is a blast. And what a blast it can be!

River and coastal bays

If you’re up for some freshwater fishing, the Manasquan River offers an excellent selection of Bluefish, while you can also land Fluke, Flounder, Striped Bass. Occasionally, you might come across Smallmouth, Largemouth Bass, Perch, Brown, Rainbow, and Brook Trout, but that largely depends on the segment of the river you’re fishing.

You can get impressive Bluefish by trolling with lures, using chum from your boat, or with your feet still on the mainland. Bluefish aren’t fussy eaters and will have a go at cut bait and lures. If you want to master local ‘fish speak’, you should know that young Bluefish are often referred to as Snapper. You can get them around the bays with bobbers and small hooks, but they won’t say no to spoons either. They’re on chew from spring until winter.

Fluke and Flounder are synonyms for solid bottom fishing action. Fluke like a moving bait, so you will want to make your bait sink to the bottom and then keep it moving. The best bait for these fellas are small bait fish or squid. Some anglers like letting their boat drift with the tide, others choose slow trolling.

Use clam and shrimp for Flounder, but first remember to spice things up with a chump pot. Flounder have tiny mouth, so you should use  ‘chestertown’ hooks. Look out for channels and deep sloughs. As Fluke dominate summer months and Flounder fall and winter, you won’t have to worry about making it to Point Pleasure in time for a fishing trip around the seafloor.

Striped Bass are hard fighters and sometimes put even more anglers to shame. You will have the biggest chances for success if you fish with someone who’s battled these critters before. Stripers, also known as Rockfish, are generally available from April until the end of the year. Search around jetties and rivers at dusk, and use plugs, spinners, spoon, and jiggs. If you want bait fishing, then choose shrimp, mullet, and calm.

Inshore fishing spots

Once you move from rivers and jetties to more open inshore waters, you will find a wealth of Black Drum and Black Seabass. Party boats love them and will often set their course to get these fellas. Here you will also find Fluke, Flounder, as well as some Bluefish, Striped Bass, Tautog, and Porgy.

Black Seabass is highly migratory and moves around the seafloor, whether that means coastal bays or offshore wrecks. Clam, fish strips, and squid work superbly with these guys. They show up with the spring and ocean reefs and wrecks should be your top choice to go after them.

Offshore reefs

Once you make it past the 30 mile mark, you will find numerous ridges, reefs, and wrecks, all teeming with fish, from Cod in winter months to Mahi during the summer heat.

If you want to chase Mahi, look for flotsam. Mahi are incredibly fast and are best taken by trolling with flying fish. The key is to make your bait dive and rise inches above the water alternately to imitate Mahi’s prey. They show up in summer months and stay until late summer.

There are several different Tuna species around these waters, including Yellowfin, Bluefin, Bigeye, and Albacore. You’ll find a consistent Tuna bite in summer months, well into the fall. They like deep offshore waters and canyons. Go fast trolling for the, or chum with bait fish to entice them.

Mako, Blue, and Thresher Shark show up come summer and stay as long as the water’s warm enough. You will have the best chances if you use large bait chunks.

...And then beyond

Once you reach the Hudson Canyon, you will be able to target trophy-size game fish, including Swordfish, Blue and White Marlin. Add to that other numerous game fish, and you’ll see Point Pleasure in full force.

Starting near the US coast and stretching 400 miles seward, the Hudson Canyon depth reaches 3,500 ft at some points. This means excellent fishing chances for the likes of Tilefish and Swordfish.

If you want to get Swordfish, please know that it’s a test of patience and stamina. You will need to drop your bait deep down using sinkers and strobe lights to help present the bait to the fish. It’s mostly done on overnight trips when the fish come closer to the surface to feed and it’s meant for hardcore anglers.

Blue and White Marlin bring wicked action. They are strong and ferocious and can turn your fishing trip into a blast or crush your line in a split second. The best way to get them is by trolling with live bait.

Need to know

To make the most out of your fishing trip, it’s best to be informed about current regulations. Possession limits and the season change each year, and vary depending on the area you’re fishing. For some species, such as Black Seabass, Flounder, Fluke, and Striped Bass, regulations about minimum size and possession limits are different for different times of the year.

If you’re fishing from a licensed charter or a party boat, you don’t need a fishing license. If you want to explore the fisheries on your own, and are fishing for recreational purposes, you will need to register online for free.

What to bring on your trip

Sunscreen, a cap, sunglasses, and clothes in layers. The weather can change quickly and you will want to have an extra layer in your backpack. Of course, you will dress for the weather, but as a rule of a thumb, stick to warm clothes and shoes, especially if you’re heading far offshore.
If you’re fishing from a party boat, check with the captain whether the fishing gear is included in the trip price.

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These days you can go around offshore reefs for Cod, or stay inshore for Winter Flounder. You can also get Ling.


The weather largely dictates what you’re going to get. On a fine day, it could be Flounder, some Ling, or Cod further out.


The situation’s improving as Striped Bass start biting. You can also get Ling and Cod, but also some Winter Flounder.


You can fish for some Mackerel, with a steady bite coming from Rockfish. There are also Ling and Cod, and Flounder. Some early Black Seabass are showing up.


Black Seabass are here to stay and will be available until fall. Offshore, you can get some Mahi, while inshore waters will reward you with Bluefish and Striped Bass.


Fishing’s heating up, with numerous pelagics and bottom dwellers biting offshore and inshore. You can target Sharks, Mahi, Yellowfin and Bluefin Tuna, as well as Marlin.


The action is still superb offshore with Mahi, Marlin, and Tuna in full swing. Inshore you can get Sharks, with Black Seabass and Rockfish in stedy numbers.


Such a good time to visit Point Pleasure and go trolling offshore for Mahi, Marlin, Tunas. Explore the deep seas and target Swordfish.


The kids are going back to school, but fish are still here. Tuna are super feisty so you should check offshore reefs for them. Inshore, you can get Black Seabass and Fluke.


As Fluke bite is veining off, winter Flounder slowly starts to set in. You can also target Black Seabass and Rockfish. Offshore, it’s Tuna paradise.


As the waters cool down, offshore fishing slows a bit. Inshore, you can get Blackseabass, as well as Winter Flounder.


Stay inshore for a nice Christmas trip and target Black Seabass. Offshore, you can still get Striped Bass. Head out for some nice Cod.

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The top 8 fish species targeted on guided fishing trips in Point Pleasant are:

The action is still superb offshore with Mahi, Marlin, and Tuna in full swing. Inshore you can get Sharks, with Black Seabass and Rockfish in stedy numbers. Check availability for local fishing charters in Point Pleasant.

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