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If you’re looking for a fishing destination that combines stunning nature, vibrant culture, and diverse angling possibilities, the Bay Area is where to go. You can cast a line here year-round and catch something you’ll want to write home about. Add to that the sheer number of Bay Area fishing charters that can help you find your trophy, and you’re in for an adventure.
There are more productive spots here than you could ever explore, and choosing where to go will depend on what you’d like to target. Freshwater fishing for Sturgeon, Striped Bass, and Salmon is excellent and will have you coming back for more. Alternatively, treat yourself to top-notch Chinook Salmon, Halibut, Rockfish, and Lingcod – you won’t be disappointed.
The amazing thing about the Bay Area is that anything from fly fishing to deep sea fishing is an option. You can see fishermen coming here in the fall, looking to hook their biggest Albacore Tuna yet. Sharks are also in the cards and, while Leopard Shark is the most common catch, you can find 10 other Shark species in the bay.
Going out to the prolific local waters with a professional guide has its own set of perks. There’s usually a wide array of fishing trips to choose from, which is good news for beginners and seasoned anglers alike. Half day excursions are recommended for families and newcomers – they’re a lot of fun and very educational. Full day expeditions and specialized trips are a great choice for avid trophy chasers.
You can find Bay Area fishing charters pretty much everywhere you go, including Bodega Bay, San Francisco, Half Moon Bay, Sausalito, Pittsburg, Berkeley, and Richmond.

Rules & Regulations

All anglers age 16 and older must bring their own California fishing license. If you’re not familiar with the ever-changing regulations of the bay, it’s a good idea to go fishing with a guide who will make sure you have fun without breaking the rules.

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Bay Area Fishing Seasons

In January, it’s all about Sturgeon fishing in the California Delta. Fly anglers can enjoy great success in the lakes and reservoirs, fishing for Bass, Catfish, and more.
There are possibilities everywhere you look at this time of year, including Sturgeon in the Delta, Leopard Sharks in the Bay, Bass in the local lakes, and winter Steelhead in the Sacramento River. 
Winter fishing continues in the Bay Area, with many charter boats making good use of the Delta as they scour the bottom for Sturgeon. The prime season for deep sea fishing is just around the corner.
The season for Lingcod and Rockfish typically opens in April. Salmon may be available as well, but you won’t find many of these fish in San Francisco Bay just yet, since most of them are still feeding offshore.
With average temperatures hovering between 50-70°F, May is a wonderful time to get out on the water! The waters offshore are bustling with Salmon, Lingcod, and Rockfish. That’s a promise of a delicious dinner in the near future!
This is potluck season when you don’t know what you might reel in, but excitement is high! Salmon and Rockfish are appearing close to the coast, while Halis, Stripers, and White Seabass are abundant all over the place.
You can expect some of the hottest weather of the year in July, but that doesn’t stop anyone from hitting the water. Anglers are catching some of the biggest Salmon of the year, and the rest of the fish aren’t bad either!
More and more Albacore Tuna are showing up and drawing anglers to the offshore fishing grounds. There’s no better time to experience the variety of the Bay than August when all the fish are biting vigorously.
Stellar fishing continues here in the Bay Area, along with mild weather and calm waters. Head offshore and land a Tuna, or explore the Bay and see what a little potlucking brings you.
If you’ve had your fill of the Bay, try your luck in the local lakes and rivers instead. Salmon fishing is in full swing in the Sacramento River, with some real lunkers making their grand entrance.
Salmon are closed for harvest on the coast, but you can still catch them in Sac River through the end of the year. Some anglers will continue fishing the Bay, while others will head back to the Delta.
December is a great time for fishing if you don’t mind a little chill in the air! The Delta offers plenty of hard-fighting Sturgeon while the ocean holds Halibut, Lingcod, Rockfish, and Crab.

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Full day ocean private
Salvador S. fished with David Rooney on September 1, 2019
Bring a jacket and lunch. If you not sure how your stomach will hold take meds ahead of time.
Half day with Captain Ron and Hunter
Donna L. fished with Nautilus Excursions on July 28, 2019
Being your ice chests for the fish fillets you'll take home.
Full day on the Bay with skipper David Rooney
Kenton R. fished with David Rooney on July 15, 2019
A trip with David Rooney is your best bet.
Full day trip
Bryan C. fished with Nautilus Excursions on July 13, 2019
Listen to the captain and mate and you'll hav the trip of a lifetime
Best Team-Building Event!
Jennifer D. fished with Nautilus Excursions on July 11, 2019
Beautiful weather and great views. It is cold on the water, though, so dress warm, as in a warm layer, windbreaker, and hat. Wear rain boots, if you have them. Put sunscreen on your face. Bring any personal items in a waterproof bag. If you plan to take photos, put your camera or phone in a zip-lock bag or waterproof case, because your hands will be full of fish scales and fish guts. Bring extra bags to carry your fish off the boat. Stock your car with an ice chest, for the drive home. If the fishing trip is in the Bay only, and not out in the open ocean, then the waves aren't very bad, so you shouldn't get sea sick. Or if you do, you only need the "less drowsy" version of your motion sickness medication. Have fun!
Half day bachelor trip with Brent and Greg.
Seaton N. fished with SF Boat Support on July 6, 2019
Be prepared with someone knowledge and just have fun.
Full Day Trip Halibut and Bass with David Rooney
Ariel S. fished with David Rooney on June 29, 2019
Captain Rooney said that Salmon Fishing is great right now, but I really liked going around the bay hunting halibut. So much action throughout the day!
Half day with capt Stan
Rey C. fished with Quetzal Adventures on June 23, 2019
Bring sunblock the Hat long sleeve shirts and lots of drink

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