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Kent Island has a lot going for it for anglers. Chesapeake Bay’s largest island is the dividing line of the Upper and Middle Bays. Thousands of fish are forced into just four miles of water as they make their way past the island - the narrowest point in the bay. Kent Island fishing charters take full advantage of this, fishing around the bridge or over oyster bars and rocky structure to the west of the island.
But that’s only half the picture, to the east of Kent Island you have the sheltered waters of Eastern Bay, the incredible backcountry of the Kent Narrows, and the mouth of the Chester River. Everywhere you look, you’ll find Striped Bass, Bluefish, Spotted Seatrout, Croakers, and Sheepshead in reliable numbers. Head upriver, and you could hook into Bass, Carp, and other freshwater species.

Fishing Spots

You will have a very different fishing experience depending on where you launch from on Kent Island. Most charters are based out of Stevensville in the west and Kent Narrows in the east. Generally, the western waters are deeper and more open, while the east is known for its backcountry and estuary fishing. The fishing is amazing wherever you go, and here are a few spots you may want to check out while you’re in town.

Chesapeake Bay Bridge

Spanning the narrow channel between Kent Island and Annapolis, the bridge is a favorite among locals. You can find a huge range of species here including Croaker, Spotfish, Bluefish, Sheepshead, Seatrout, Spanish Mackerel, and Sharks.

Brickhouse Bar

The island’s western shore is lined with oyster bars full of Bluefish and Striped Bass. The rocky bottom can also hold Seabass and Flounder in some areas, making for super productive food fishing.

Hooligan’s Snooze

Located on the southern tip of Kent Island, this spot has reliable Striper and Bluefish action. You may not find monsters here, but you’ll certainly get some keeper Rockfish and plenty of fun fights. And if the fishing’s not hot here, you have a ton of nearby spots in the Easter Bay.

Kent Narrows

People have been fishing the Kent Narrows since settlers first arrived here, and for countless centuries before that. This is some of the best backcountry fishing around, with Croakers, Seatrout, and other inshore favorites. Local families have worked these waters for generations, and know every inch of this backwater maze.

Chester River

The Chester River and its various tributaries dump masses of nutrient-rich sediment into the bay. This means lots of bait, and lots of Striped Bass, Red Drum, and Bluefish to gobble it up. This is also a great spot for Blue Crab. Head upriver, and you can also find Smallmouth and Largemouth Bass.

Fishing Techniques

Kent Island fishing guides will usually drop baits for bottom fish like Flounder, Sheepshead, and Seabass. Spot, Menhaden, Mullet, and whatever else is in season works well, sending you home with plenty of fish for dinner.
If you’re heading to the Narrows, switch your bottom rigs for topwater lures to save yourself a lot of snags and frustration. Throwing lures is great fun all around the island, casting jigs or bouncing soft plastics off the bottom to land Bluefish and Rockfish. Fly anglers can get great results with bright clouser patterns and fast-sinking line.
Whatever you do, don’t forget to set a few crab traps first. Blue Crab are some of the tastiest eating around and a staple of Maryland summertime. Fishing from a charter lets you harvest a lot more of these delicious crustaceans, using techniques like trotlining to maximize your haul.

Need to Know

Fishing licenses are not required aboard Kent Island fishing charters, but solo anglers will need to buy a license. Chesapeake Bay fisheries have ever-changing closed seasons and catch limits. Fishing with a guide is the easiest way to stay within the law and still head home with a ton of fish. Otherwise, you can find useful information by chatting to locals in the island’s tackle shops.


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Kick off the year with awesome Tautog fishing. Board a charter or head to a Kent Island fishing pier to bag yourself these rock-dwellers, which are loved across the region for their excellent food value.


What could be more romantic than catching trophy Bass with your better half? Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass can both be found upriver, so head out and bag yourself some for dinner!


As the weather heats up, so does the fishing, with a ton of tasty table fare flooding the bay in spring. Flounder, Tautog, and Seatrout can all be caught this time of year.


April means two things for local anglers: set your traps and break out your lures! Striped Bass and Blue Crab are both in season, and people across the bay going crazy for them.


Striped Bass are biting hard, joined by the first of the summer’s Bluefish. Flounder, Trout, Tautog, Seabass, and Crab are also great in May, so empty the freezer before you head out!


The Kent Narrows Fly & Light Tackle Tournament invites ambitious anglers to try their luck in June. Target trophy Striped Bass in this fun event, which helps promote local conservation.


Bluefish are in town en masse, joining the huge numbers of Striped Bass which have been around for months. Freshwater fishing is also great in July, with plenty of Bass and Carp. 


Redfish, Trout, Flounder, Sheepshead, Bluefish, and Striped Bass will give anglers endless fun in August. Every one of them is good to eat, too, so remember to bring your cooler.


You can’t visit Maryland without going to at least one Crab feast. The Maryland Seafood Festival serves up tasty Crab, Clams, Shrimp, and more, and has been doing so for over 50 years.


October is your last chance to catch Black Seabass before their summer season finishes. Head out with a few fresh baits and bring back a delicious dinner this time of year.


Striper season goes out in style, with two great tournaments to enjoy. Take part in Fish for a Cure, supporting cancer research, or join the Fall Classic for some serious competition!


The high season of summer is a distant memory, but there are still some great catches to be had. Flounder, Trout, Stripers, and Crab make for a tasty feast in December. 

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Great day
Eric B. fished with JadeLady Charters on November 19, 2020
If you are going in November, pack clothing for any weather.
Whole day trip W/Captain Darnell & Denny
Terry S. fished with PrimeTime Charters on June 20, 2020
This was our first fishing in Maryland and it was top notch!
Birthday Rockfish
Kelita A. fished with PrimeTime Charters on June 7, 2020
Helpful to go with Captain & First mate that will communicate about the sea.
Amazing half day trip!
Moulaye S. fished with PrimeTime Charters on October 14, 2019
Beautiful weather (not too hot or too cold) and plenty of fish!
Half day trip
Sharon S. fished with Biff Fishing Charters on September 28, 2019
You never know what you’ll bring in the boat. It was an off day, not a lot fish caught. But, still was a lot of fun.
Full Day with Captain Charlie
Jeffrey B. fished with CB Charters on July 15, 2019
Great place to go fishing in the Chesapeake Bay.
Half Day Trip
Thomas C. fished with JadeLady Charters on July 13, 2019
Schedule your trip on a week day. There are too many boats on the bay on the weekend.
Fishing with Darnell
Terry H. fished with PrimeTime Charters on July 10, 2019
Best part of our vacation thanks captain Darnell. A great experience because of a great captain. Would recomend to everyone.