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For your next vacation, plan a trip to Rhode Island. It would be remiss to visit the Ocean State and not head down to Point Judith, just past Narragansett Bay. There are plenty of Point Judith fishing charters to keep you and the whole family busy! You can stay close to  shore and still catch plenty of fish, and even have the chance to go after the Grand Slam if you catch Striped Bass, Bluefish, Bonito, and Little Tunny all in one day!

Point Judith Fishing Spots

Point Judith is a small fishing village where you can target Butterfish, Mackerel, Summer Flounder, Black Seabass, Monkfish, Herring, and plenty more, all within the port itself. Bluefish and False Albacore can be found heading up the Galilee Channel, and Block Island is great for fishing for Tuna.

Center Wall

For excellent fishing throughout the season, you’ll want to head toward the Center Wall. The wall is just under 7,000 feet long. This is where you’ll find a range of species – schools of Bass, a Herring run, Fluke, Scup, Bluefish, Bonito, and False Albacore all make an appearance throughout the season.

Your captain will advise which technique you can use in each area around the wall. Some parts are better for jigging than trolling. Keep a safe distance from the wall, as the waves can get pretty high and dangerous.

East Wall

The East Wall is roughly 1,200 feet long and home to Scup, Striped Bass, and Bluefish. You’ll need to have your fishfinder on to avoid the Lobster pots under the surface. Only when the weather is calm will you want to troll the East Wall.

West Wall

The West Wall is part of the Harbor of Refuge and measures 1,500 feet in length. Night time fishing for Striped Bass is popular here. Fishing charters here will often follow the trails of commercial boats, and be able to hook Fluke, Bluefish, Albacore, and Scup.

The Rocks

The Rocks at Point Judith are good to troll – there are less lobster pots under the surface here. You’ll be able to catch Striped Bass in depths of 20 feet. Keep an eye on your navigational electronics for the rock structures on the bottom.

Block Island

When heading out of Point Judith, chances are you’re going to Block Island, a short 8-mile ride out. Around the tear-shaped island are plenty of hotspots, such as Dories Cove, Gracies Cove, Old Harbor Point, Cod Ledge, and more. Each spot offers different species, giving you the chance to reel in Winter Cof, Fluke, Pollock, Bass, Bluefish, Tautog, Tuna, and more.

Fishing Tips

  • The best time to fish in and around Point Judith is between 6:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m.

  • When catching Tautog in the fall, use crab as bait for excellent results. For Bluefish and Striped Bass, fresh bait such as eels works well.

  • A 9’ medium action rod with a 15–20 lb test line is the best combo for fishing in Point Judith.

Need to Know

When the water temperature is over 70°F (usually between July and August,) you’re likely to see Finback Whales on your fishing charter. If you’re lucky, you might also see Humpback, Pilot, False Killer, and Minke whales.

Point Judith currently holds the state record for King Mackerel, weighing in at 12 lb 3 oz with a length of 40 inches.


You’ll need to buy a saltwater fishing license before your trip begins, as well as an additional license if targeting shellfish. Please note that visitors cannot harvest Lobster from the water. Targeting Winter Flounder is also prohibited.


A nearshore trip will cost six people anywhere between $700–850. Going further offshore for Tuna and Shark will be a longer journey (around 10 hours) and costs $1,500 for six people.

Getting there

Fly into T.F. Green Airport and head south on the U.S-1 N for half an hour to get to Point Judith.

It’s time to book a Point Judith fishing charter today. You can stay close to shore and still catch some fantastic fish.

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Wrap up warm, as temperatures can drop to 21°F this month. Anglers willing to fish in the cold will head out for Cod now.


Cod fishing continues with the cold weather, with lows of 23°F. There are limited ferries to Block Island now.


Join in with the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations – there’s plenty of activities for the whole family to join in.


Fishing is slowly starting to heat up as the tourist season is getting ready to open. Cod and Pollock are good this month.


Watch the WaterFire events around town. They usually start in May and continue once every two weeks until the fall.


Fishing is in full swing. Watch the Rhode Island Wrestling Association “Battle on the Beach” at Narragansett Beach.


To go along with the great fishing, watch the annual “Blessing of the Fleet Weekend” in Narragansett.


Kings Beach is great for spearfishing this month. On the West Wall you can catch your fill of Bonito.


September is a great month for False Albacore and Seabass. Temperatures will reach a maximum of 70°F.


Fishing in the fall starts to slow down. However, Tautog now comes into its own and is great to fish this month.


Continue fishing for Tautog and celebrate Thanksgiving with the locals. Temperatures start to drop, so dress appropriately. 


Fishing dies down in December, but you can still catch Cod and Pollock. Temperatures drop to 26°F.

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According to customer reviews, Reel To Reel Sportfishing Llc, Drifter Too Charters, and C-Devil II Sportfishing Inc. are some of the most popular fishing charters in Point Judith. Full list of top fishing charters in Point Judith.

Reel To Reel Sportfishing Llc, Drifter Too Charters, and C-Devil II Sportfishing Inc. all received great reviews from families who booked fishing trips in Point Judith.

The best way to experience fishing in Point Judith is to book a private charter with a licensed fishing guide. See the full list of charters available for online booking here: List of fishing charters in Point Judith.

The top 8 fish species targeted on guided fishing trips in Point Judith are:

Watch the WaterFire events around town. They usually start in May and continue once every two weeks until the fall. Check availability for local fishing charters in Point Judith.