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Deale fishing charters offer more than just the Chesapeake Bay. With four tidal creeks running out into the famous bay, you’re at the heart of truly productive waters. Across the Herring Bay to the Chesapeake, you’ll have the chance to explore Maryland’s premier inshore and nearshore fishing spots.

What type of fishing charter is best for me?

For first-time anglers

Deale is right on the water so it’s the perfect place to learn to fish. You’ll have plenty of time even on a four-hour charter to see what Chesapeake Bay fishing is all about. There’s a first mate on board most boats, giving you a helping hand to land your first catch.
Try bottom fishing and jigging for Spanish Mackerel, Redfish, and Black Drum, or experience the thrill of hearing the reels screech as you troll for Striped Bass (Rockfish), Bluefish, and many more.

If you have some experience

The bite of a monster Striped Bass is incredible. These waters produce trophy-sized Stripers, so you’re in for a thrilling time aboard any Deale fishing charter. Spend six-to-eight hours on the water and hone your fishing skills. Test a range of techniques on light tackle to fill the boat with Rockfish, Mackerel, Perch, Flounder, Redfish, and more.

On a budget?

Lone anglers or small groups on a budget are in luck when it comes to fishing Maryland’s nearshore. Step aboard a head boat and share your experience with others. These trips take place on big boats and all equipment will be ready for you to reel in your limit of delicious fish.

When to Go

Maryland’s fishing season runs from April through December. There’s always some thrilling fishing whenever you head out, but it all depends on what you want to target.
In April and May, you’ll go after the trophy-sized Striped Bass that these waters are famous for, before monster Black Drum arrive in June. As the weather heats up, so does the fishing. Go after Perch, Bluefish, and Drums throughout the summer, and enjoy a barbecue after the trip.
When fall strikes, the Stripers are back. October is known here as “Rocktober” and you’ll target these strong fish, along with enormous Redfish until the end of the season. Use live bait for the best results and take home enough fish to fill the freezer for weeks to come!

What to Bring

You’re likely to be on a boat larger than 30 feet. These strong, sturdy vessels have your comfort in mind, so you’ll find a toilet and comfortable seating on board. Bring your own drinks and snacks aboard to stay refreshed and to make the most of your time on the water.
All licensed charters cover your fishing licenses. You’ll just need to grab your free Maryland Saltwater Angler Registration online. Come aboard ready to discover the Chesapeake’s riches!
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A new year means new beginnings, and all the captains will are preparing for the new season. With the boats out of the water, Deale becomes a mechanic’s paradise.


With the temperature in the 30s, there’s no point risking a limb for fish that aren’t even there. Wrap up warm and feel free to give the captains a hand in prepping their boats.


It’s almost time to get back on the water. As the flowers come out to bloom the boats will get back in the docks and you’ll get a real sense of anticipation across town.


The wait is over! Get out on the stunning waters of the Chesapeake Bay and chase trophy-sized Striped Bass (Rockfish), as you use all your energy to reel ‘em in.


It’s heating up in more ways than one! Keep battling it out with monster Rockfish, while Black Drum reaching up to 80 pounds also make their way through the bay.


With stunning weather comes a range of thrilling fish. Bottom fishing is popular this time of year as you go after the incoming Perch population with plenty of spot as bait.


Bluefish season is upon us, and you’ll get to take on these aggressive beasts. They’ll take any kind of bait, so get ready for the “Bluefish Blitz.”


Make the most of the peak season and fill the boat with delicious fish in the glorious sunshine. Spanish Mackerel join the party and add to the Bass, Bluefish, and Perch.


Huge Redfish are prize as fall kicks off. Go after these beautiful creatures along with fish native to the Chesapeake and head back ashore with lifelong memories of the water.


Known as “Rocktober,” you can guess what’s on offer this month. Big Rockfish are back and make for a thrilling battle and tasty treat, while Bluefish and Perch are worthy by-catch.


You’ll have no trouble keeping warm with the red-hot fishing that comes in November. Get out on the bay’s shallow waters and battle it out of with Rockfish, Bluefish, and Perch.


You won’t believe that the season is drawing to a close. Make the most of the last chance to catch trophy-sized Rockfish, huge Bluefish, and delicious Perch and Mackerel.

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Half-day trip with Capt. Billy
Robin C. fished with Ebb Tide Charters on October 3, 2020
Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent
Despite it being late in the season, Captain Billy worked hard to make sure that the guys all caught their limit. The first mate took great care of them, and all had a wonderful day on the Bay. Worth every $. Do not hesitate to book!
Lucky Strike Phenomenal Experience
William D. fished with Lucky Strike Charters on October 26, 2019
Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent
Use Lucky Strike Charters if you want more than just a fishing experience. They are impressive, affordable and kid friendly.
Great trip aboard the Vickie Ann with Capt Bob Flynn and mate, John
Barry B. fished with Vickie Ann Charters on July 26, 2019
Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent
You bet I'd recommend Deale fishing. Of course, we happened to have great weather just after the super hot heat wave in July 2019. Definite return trips in the future.
Hot Day!!
Jose A. fished with Valerie Ann Charters on July 21, 2019
Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent
Great place to leave from and conveniently closer to home than other places
Half day trip with Captain Mike & Crew
Paulette R. fished with Lucky Strike Charters on July 20, 2019
Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent
Good facilities. Fish cleaning station right on the pier. We had dinner at the Happy Harbor restaurant that is next to the pier.
June fishing trip
Lavonne B. fished with Lucky Strike Charters on June 15, 2019
Very Good Very Good Very Good Very Good Very Good
Get on the water early to catch stripe bass.
Half Day Trip with Captain Joe
John C. fished with Sporting Wood Charters on May 20, 2019
Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent
Absolutely if their intention is to catch Rock.
Morning trip into the bay
Jon E. fished with Hallock's Grace Charters on September 22, 2018
Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent
Don't set your standards too high, just try to have fun and learn. Take your time reeling in.

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