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Oswego fishing is a puzzle. The waters there just never end. This picturesque county in upstate New-York holds one of the largest and most experienced fleets around. Lake Ontario, the smallest and the most abundant of the Great Lakes, is the one to blame. Very few freshwater fishing opportunities in the states can beat tackling the mighty Lake Ontario, drifting its tributaries, and discovering the area’s many rivers.

Just as soon as you reel in your first fish anywhere in Oswego, the pieces of the puzzle fit together. Even if you’re a ‘been there, done that’ kind of angler, just try fishing in Oswego. When you see the list of your potential catches, you will want to pinch yourself!

Known For

Just think of that fishing trip you had with your grandfather when you were still at school. Remember the warm sun, clear waters, how you would learn which lure is good for Salmon and how to spot Trout? Well, this is the exact feeling you have when you go on your first Oswego fishing charter.

Oswego fishing is a game of two halves. The first half is the almighty Lake Ontario, which borders the ‘Port City of Central New York’ in the north. In turn, the Great Lake is fed by various rivers and streams. These are two halves put together.

For hundreds of local guides and captains, a day in the water is a good one in their books. There are so many streams, lakes, and rivers to go to and such a great variety of species to catch, that captains can’t help being busy. It’s very likely that no fishery in the country has stood out with more abundant resources than Oswego.

On a quest to catch legendary Salmon, think of a full-day trip! Most captains on the Lake and guides in the rivers would recommend staying for longer than 5 hours. The more you spend on the water, the more memories you’ll create. Plus, it’s pretty affordable. Prices vary between $600 and $700 for a group of four enthusiastic fishermen willing to explore Lake Ontario. A full-day adventure for two on a drift boat would be something around $400.

It’s all about Lake Ontario during the warm summer months and its tributaries the rest of the year. The lake’s sunsets are hard to resist. The rivers’ pulse-pounding adrenaline rushes are unbeatable. Choose wisely or choose both!

Types of Fishing

Go out aboard a big offshore sport fisher boat. Your captain will most likely take you out on a boat with downriggers or use divers. Salmon is the prize catch, leave deep, and can swim twelve miles per hour. If they want, they will catch your lures in no time! Use silver spoons and eggs or cut bait. The most common trolling speed is two miles per hour.

Freelining can be effective when targeting Lake Trout. However,  jigging is the method of choice for winter guides that chase the aggressive Trout in the rivers and streams.

Aside from the traditional trolling method, many river anglers employ float fishing and bottom drifting. Chinook Salmon are the biggest draw, but the occasional Atlantic Salmon and Steelhead are often mixed in the catches.

If you are willing to think outside the box, the lake’s tributaries are the place to be. Say the first snow flies and you feel a sudden urge to wet a line. Pack your waders and discover the waters of Salmon River. Some of its stretches are designated as premier fly fishing destination.
Ask Salmon River guides and they will tell you that it’s an Angler’s Mecca. There are twelve miles of pools, runs, and riffs that are easy to reach for those who want to test it with rod and reel.

Book a guide to float Oswego River. Just like Salmon River, it is situated in the eastern basin of Lake Ontario. But it’s not the main thing that defines the small, narrow, and shallow river. It is magnet for Salmon!

Hop on a drift boat to go to the Salmon and Oswego Rivers in upstate New York. Wade with a Salmon River guide. Catch trophy Brown Trout and Steelhead. A lot of guides switch to float fishing with spinning gear and backtrolling.

While these rivers are evidently the big draw for both anglers and fish in the autumn months, there are also a few lakes, ponds, and rivers that deserve your attention. The southeastern corner of Oswego county is home to Oneida Lake, which is considered the ‘Walleye Capital of NY state’ and the prime ice fishing destination. Be careful near tributary mouths though - it’s great to have a guide by your side who knows the area. And finally, Bass-lovers will find good numbers of Smallmouth and Largemouth hanging around Sandy Pond.

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Head to the Oswego and Salmon Rivers to enjoy a quiet and relaxing day on the water. Steelhead can be hooked in good numbers in the upper end of the Salmon River.


Go on a drift boat to find Brown Trout and Steelhead on the Oswego River. The Salmon River might be productive for the most active anglers. Look for Brown Trout and Steelhead.


Salmon River is all about a good water flow and a nice weather.  Spawned out Steelies are dropping back to Salmon river on their way to Lake Ontario. Brownies are along the shorelines of the lake. Add Steelhead and Salmon for a mixed bag. 


What can keep your rods moving if not large Brown Trout and Cohos? The bite in the rivers is hot right now. But if you already want to taste the lake, head just a few miles offshore to get Lake Trout. 


Lake Ontario fishing season welcomes you with open arms. From fierce Salmon to Brown Trout in the shallow waters and large (very large!) Lake Trout out deep, there is everything to your liking. 


Brown Trout are hanging out nearshore. They seem to not care at all about the water temperatures. King Salmon are available in good numbers, but not too large in size. Fishing is just getting better!


Oswego River offers Walleye, Smallmouth Bass, Sheepshead. Lake Ontario fishing is nothing short of excellent right now, producing Salmon of good sizes and numbers. 


The golden season is offering some fantastic Lake Ontario fishing opportunities. Boats come back to shore with limit catches. Salmon are biting actively in up to 450 feet of water. Smallmouth Bass keeps up. The rivers are also very fishable!


Reel-screaming Kings and Silvers will test your stamina! Go search for them in the eastern tributaries. And don’t forget about Steelhead and Brownies - even though it might seem early, there is a fair number of catches. 


Even if the Lake Ontario fishing season is winding down, there are a lot of other to places to go. Oswego River, Salmon River, and Oneida Lake are home to Bass, Kings, and Trout. Brownies might be showing up as well.


Salmon River might be challenging in November. If you know where to look, you might hook in Steelhead. And if you work hard for every bite, you might get King and Brownies as well. Oneida Lake is a Walleye Mecca at night. 


Oswego River is keeping anglers excited. Quality fish with beautiful colors are in good numbers. Salmon River is also generous. Check the bite on both rivers!

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Amazing experience
Michael C. S. fished with LATER ON Charters on August 17, 2020
I would recommend anyone that love to fish. Please get to OSwego and enjoy this amazing experience!
Half day trip with Captain Paul
Albert L. fished with Knotlost Charters on July 6, 2019
Make sure to do some stretching these big boys put up a fight
Half day fishing Trip with Captain Eric
Chakerie M. fished with Second Nature Sport Fishing Charters on June 29, 2019
To be patient while fishing because every day is definitely different. It may have some periods of waiting for a bite, but the Captain and 1st mate will never stop searching for a great spot.
Half day trip with Captain Paul
Richard C. fished with Knotlost Charters on May 5, 2019
The spring is for trout and maybe a stray Salmon here or there if you go to Oswego you will catch a fish. The Fall season is for Salmon both seasons are an incredible time.
Two Days of Non-stop Action
Nicholas B. fished with Broad Horizons Guide and Charter on April 13, 2019
Always a roll of the dice with April weather in Upstate NY but it turned out great for us. We caught our limit and more and even got an early season King. Recommend 100%.
Half Day Trip with Capt Paul
Michael A. fished with Knotlost Charters on August 24, 2018
We had some rough waters. The Capt did say a few trips were cancelled during the week leading up to ours. We still had a great time!
if you have always woundered ???
FishingBooker Member fished with Second Nature Sport Fishing Charters on August 19, 2018
Safty frist always, and have a great time !!!
Another great day with Second Nature
FishingBooker Member fished with Second Nature Sport Fishing Charters on July 29, 2018
Sunscreen, plenty of refreshments to keep hydrated and make sure to take the appropriate measures if you get seasick. Also make sure you get your fishing license before you get onto the boat

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