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Top Fishing Charters in Mosquito Lagoon

Fishing in Mosquito Lagoon

Mosquito Lagoon gives you a taste of old-fashioned Florida, full of palm trees, mangroves, salt marshes, and grassy flats. It’s known as the “Redfish capital of the world,” not because of their size (though quite a few massive Bulls have been caught here) but because of their number – these are their spawning grounds. To the south, you can find the Kennedy Space Center (make sure not to get distracted by launches!). Join the Mosquito Lagoon fishing guides as they assist and instruct you in stalking these gorgeous inshore waters!


Fishing Spots

The Lagoon offers anglers an amazing array of diverse fishing grounds, able to fit all tastes of inshore fishing. The flats and shallows are prevalent throughout this area, with an inlet that connects it to the Indian River. To the north, towards New Smyrna Beach, the flats slowly start encompassing islands and small patches of land and mangroves, a perfect place for fish to spend the winter.

One of the greatest advantages of this place is the fact that most of the fish here are available year-round! Redfish, Speckled Trout, and Black Drum can be found in good numbers throughout the year. Tarpon and Snook can also be found here during the entire year, though their availability depends on the weather, as well as other factors that happen miles and miles away from the Lagoon – feeding in Southern Florida, intensive fishing in South Carolina and such.

Fishing Techniques

Sight fishing is by far the most popular technique in Mosquito Lagoon. The crystal clear waters during winter and spring allow for excellent fishing for Redfish and Speckled Trout – Shrimp and Crabs are bountiful and make for great live or cut bait. Younger Redfish can be caught with artificial bait (lures or soft plastics) but bigger Bulls won’t be fooled easily, you’ll have to spring for live bait to entice them. Fishing with flies is extremely rewarding in this area, because of the difficulty of the fight that the local fish give the angler. Additionally, the local fish are a little less experienced in spotting anglers’ flies than their cousins in the Everglades. Kayak fishing is big here too, due to the very shallow waters in some parts.

What To Know

Licensed Florida guides cover their customers’ licensing as well. If you want to fish on your own, a valid Florida saltwater license is required – you can buy it online. You should always check the local regulation before booking a trip, as they’re subject to change.

Fishing in the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge (which contains most of Mosquito Lagoon) requires a signed permit, which is self-issued. You can find more information about it online.

The waters of Mosquito Lagoon are fairly shallow throughout. Due to heavy fishing that’s been taking place in the area (especially destruction of foliage with propellers) certain areas have limitations on the draw of the boat – in some areas nothing drawing deeper than 12’’ is allowed. In other areas, regulations prohibit the use of propellers, only allowing access to boats that can be powered using trolling motors and push poles.

There are numerous boat ramps that dot the area allowing you easy access to and from the roads as well as the Intercoastal Waterway. Additionally, certain restrictions apply to boating and the use of local ramps or bridges prior to scheduled rocket launches, so if you plan on heading south near the KSC, stay up-to-date with NASA press releases.

Restrictions regarding what species of fish can be caught and kept may vary from one year to another. Remember to stay updated with the local regulation.

Mosquito Lagoon
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Mosquito Lagoon Fishing Seasons

Snook fishing is forbidden in January. Gator Trout are frantically eating up all live bait, as the baitfish are few and far between, so this is the time to get that trophy!

Redfish are increasing as big schools move in, numbering over a 100 fish per school, even up to 200! Grab some Shrimp to maximize your chances of landing one.


As the weather warms baitfish are starting to appear in greater numbers. Black Drum are starting to peak.

April is a month for amazing fishing all around. Speckled Trout are numerous and very, very hungry so they just boil the water! Snook are starting to move into deeper waters, near jetties and other man-made structures.

Speckled Trout are still red-hot. Black Drum are starting to slow down, but can still be caught. Tarpon are reaching their peak in May and you can catch many smaller specimens.

Snook are forbidden in June. Cobia are slowing down a bit, but can still be caught.


Snook are still forbidden. Juvenile Tarpon are still present in large numbers and you can have a field-day fly fishing for Tarpon.

This is the last month that Snook are forbidden. Redfish and Speckled Trout are coming into full-swing with larger specimens taking the bite regularly.

Snook season is open and these fish are hungry, making them a decent target. Tarpon are starting to migrate towards their winter shelters, but can still be found. Bull Redfish are in a feeding frenzy as the baitfish have slowed down, so this is the month to get that trophy!

Cold weather moves Snook to their winter hideouts, but if you know where those are you can fill your limit immediately. Cobia is starting to pick up as the weather gets colder.

Gator Trout are feeding up since the baitfish are increasingly rare in Mosquito Lagoon, fishing with live bait can bag you a proper keeper!

During December fishing with anything but live bait will most likely produce unsatisfactory results. Redfish and Snook are schooling up, at least the bigger specimens are, so sight-casting with live bait can produce excellent catches.

Mosquito Lagoon Fishing Calendar

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Top Targeted Species in Mosquito Lagoon



Black Drum

Snapper (Mangrove)

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