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Biloxi fishing charters offer the chance to land a hefty catch, both inshore and offshore. Although the city took a massive blow by Hurricane Katrina in 2005, Biloxi fishing has kept all its vigor. Many fishermen call the city their home, and are joined regularly by eager anglers from elsewhere. They fish around marshes, lakes, piers, and reefs. The fun however only begins there. Exciting offshore fishing is within a reach of a day trip - charter a boat and head straight into the Gulf waters.

Known For

The city of Biloxi lies at the heart of the so-called ‘fertile fisheries crescent’. This basically means that local charters have access to one of the best fishing areas in the entire Gulf. You’ll find scores of fish in the water, witness stunning wildlife, and fish the city’s numerous sounds, buoys, lakes and rivers. Along with piers and bridges where fish swarm, this makes Biloxi a heaven for pro-fishermen and hobbyists.

Maybe you know Biloxi as home to casinos, beaches, and John Grisham novels. But, it’s the area’s fishing that’s really something special. Year round angling action takes place on inshore and offshore waters. To get the most out of it, hire one of the charters, and soon you’ll be enjoying the Mississippi's Gulf Coast waters.

Biloxi’s revamped waterfront area facing the mainland is only part of the deal. Offshore fishing charters are as equally as superb. Head out to the Small Craft Harbour and board one of the boats bound for barrier islands and oil rigs. On 10- and 12-hour trips, you will reach shipwrecks and target Cobia, Red Snapper, Grouper, King Mackerel and Sharks. Shorter trips can yield Spanish and King Mackerel, Bonito, and Jack Crevalle.

Thriving offshore sport fishing in Biloxi can’t be easily matched. Yellowfin Tuna and Marlins come close to the rigs, and rig hopping can produce amazing results. The best option is to hire a charter that offers longer trips. Anything from 12+ hours, or even better, multiday trips, should help you get hold of that long bill!

Rules & Regulations

Recreational anglers don’t need to bring a license, if the charter captain possess it.

Charter operators fishing south of Highway 90 need to have a saltwater fishing license. From there and up to Interstate 10, they can have either a saltwater or freshwater license, and further up north, they’ll need a freshwater license.

All anglers who go fishing for Snappers, Groupers, Triggerfish, and Amberjacks, need to have and use non-stainless steel circle hooks when using natural baits.

Types of Fishing

Biloxi is one big water playground. You can try trolling, bottom fishing, light or heavy tackle, jigging, and more.

Use heavy tackle for Red Snapper. These coveted red beauties live down under, and love hanging around underwater structures. You can catch them only in deeper, federal water, when the fish are in season. They will go for cut fish, so make sure to have these onboard as your bait. Artificial reefs is the place where Red, Mangrove and Vermillion Snapper go to, so set your GPS right.

Inshore, you can get plenty of Redfish when using blue crabs and gold spoons. Specks can be caught year-round, but peak in spring and fall. Hire a Biloxi charter, and test your skills!

When fishing for Kings, trolling is a great method. As they move around the Gulf, you can find them at various latitudes, offshore and shoal waters alike. When targeting their Spanish relatives, use fast-moving silvery lures, but watch out for those razor-sharp teeth when removing them from the hook.

Feisty, but juicy table fare, Cobia, locally called ‘lemonfish’, flock around buoys and anchored vessels. Go with catfish and white mullet as live bait, but do try a jig and see if lemonfish will go for it. Catch Great Amberjacks with a line testing 50 +lb tackle. If you’re ready for a workout, try catching them on light tackle or fly.

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Biloxi Fishing Seasons


Head to the Biloxi Marsh, and you won’t regret it! Bull Reds are the main prize, but you can also bet on Speckled Seatrout, and Flounder. Mirror the fish’s metabolism, and move your lures slowly. Wahoo swim further offshore.


Sheepshead are said to be the safest choice, but Specks are also great to catch. Reds and Flounder still put up a fight. Out in the open - a real mixed bag. Tuna, Gag Grouper, and big Wahoo.


If the weather’s rough, stay close to artificial reefs, and catch Black Drum and Sheepshead. But, on a sunny day, oil rigs some 30 miles offshore are a good spot for King Mackerel. With some luck, you might catch Cobia later in the month.


Go out on a full day charter, and try to land King Mackerel. Cobia put up a great fight, and lurk in deeper waters. Meanwhile, closer to the shore, start sight-fishing for Tripletail. Switch to shrimp to get Speckled Seatrout. 


Muscle-popping action with bull Reds takes place in May! You can also land Specks and Pompano. Further out, you can get Cobia, Shark, Jacks, and Spanish Mackerels.


Big names are biting in June! Annual Mississippi Gulf Coast Billfish Classic is the place to be! Pompano peak in summer, and Amberjack follow close. It’s time for Red Snapper!


Yellowfin Tuna swim in deeper waters. Go on a multiday trip to have the best chances. Midsummer can also yield a solid Wahoo, or even better, Blue Marlin! Strong Cobia bite still. Inshore, you can catch Tarpon.


There’s only one way to go when inshore: Biloxi Marsh with Redfish galore! Another worthy adversary swims further off coast - Blue Marlin can be caught on longer charter trips. Red Snapper is catch and release only.


The waters are still warm. Sheepshead start biting. Black Drum and Flounder are also to be found. Redfish can be caught with right skills.


Speckled Seatrout and Reds just don’t give up! Stay inshore and fill your bags with the tasty fish. Find a charter with wade fishing option, and get those boots working. It’s a great time of the year to get in the water and reel in the catch.


When the temperature drops, Black Drum gang up. Sheepshead also rise in numbers. Find inshore structures, and get ready for excellent action on light tackle. Don’t be surprised if you meet bull Reds.


Tuna fishing trip is a great early Christmas present! Blackfin Tuna or Mangrove Snapper are found further offshore, as are tasty Gag and Scamp Grouper.

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Know what you want to catch and the experience you are wanting and explain that to your charter before going out on water or even at time of booking.
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Go Topless Charters. Sit back and enjoy the ride.
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Watch the flood levels on the Mississippi. This year record floods have dumped tons of fresh water in the bays and it has affected fishing

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